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What shipping method(s) do you prefer when it comes to distros?

Hi everyone!
I used to run Supernova Distro back in the day before it was common for everyone to use Paypal carts & stuff like that. I'm starting up my new distro and I am a little frazzled just trying to figure out shipping methods and all that jazz.

I would love to just use the flat rate priority shipping rate ($4.90), but I'm afraid most zinesters would think that was too expensive and would rather use first-class mail. I know when I usually order from distros I order a bunch of stuff at once, so shelling out an extra $5 for quicker shipping doesn't seem like a huge deal when I'm ordering $20-30 worth of zines. But I know that if some people just order a few zines at a time, $5 for shipping seems like a huge chunk of dough.

So what are your thoughts? Would you rather order from a distro that has first-class postage paid zine prices (for both US and Intl), or just one flat priority rate? Is a certain shipping method/price a dealbreaker for you?

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You could also do what i do, and have different levels of shipping cost per dollar amount spent in the distro. I only charge $5 for USA orders that would be large enough to merit a priority envelope. It's a lower cost if they spend less and then i ship First Class.

I do the same with International, just at a higher dollar amount.
I prefer to have options. There are times when I just need that *one* zine and spending $4.95 for priority shipping just doesn't make sense. Granted, having said this I will confess that I generally try to order much more than one item just to make the package that much more interesting when it arrives in my box! ;-D
I see! That looks like a good option for me as well.
I like postage-paid, because it's easiest, both for the distro owner and the readers. No tallying up ounces or dollars, no questions about shipping. You do lose money on one or two-zine orders, but the majority of orders break even on shipping. Of course, if an order is near or over a pound, I'd use a Priority flat-rate envelope or box anyway. They're so convenient!
I would like to do that, but I'm not super savvy when it comes to shopping carts/Paypal carts! I guess I just need to look into it more & figure things out!

Joe Biel said:
it seems like offering options: priority, first-class, or media mail is not too hard and would suit everyone.



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