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There is a popular thread on here about what not to do in a zine.

I thought I'd start a thread about what not to do for zine submissions.

This includes both asking for submissions and making them to a zine. My experience submitting to zines has been good and bad.

The good is when the zine is completed in or around the stated deadline. The bad is when the zine you submitted to does not come out and/or you never hear back.

Here is my quick list:

1) Provide a deadline: Tell us when you will stop taking submissions and when the zine will come out. And do your best to keep to your stated schedule.

2) If the zine is delayed, tell us. That goes equal for cancelling the zine. There is nothing wrong with not making a zine. Things happen. Creative energy and your focus can change. 

3) Say thank you and follow through on promises. If you say you will send a copy of the zine to folks who's submissions you included, please do so.

4) For people submitting, don't take it personally if your submission is rejected. We are taking about someone else's publication and their personal vision. If your piece does not fit, submit something else or submit the same material to another zine. 

5) Focus: Zines can be all over the map for sure, and that's fine. But for me, if I am looking to submit content to a zine, the more focused the better.

For example: "We're looking for stories about:
Time travel
Trekkie's in Costume pictures
Lesbian art and poetry
Vegan Restaurant review and recipes

I feel a very vague description is a red flag that either my submission won't fit and I'm wasting my time or the people have not thought their zine through, which means it may never be finished.   

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Thank you for writing this! 

Great info!

6) Please provide the format of the zine. Full color, b/w, 8/1/2 x 11 folded, or mini cigarette box size...etc. It can be the different between a workable submission that can be cut and pasted into your zine easily or having to reworked the whole thing and losing the look and feel of the original work. 


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