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There's such a big, diverse group of people here. What are you guys into outside of zinedom? What are your hobbies and interests? 

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i manage a feminist sex toy store, perform in a burlesque troupe, drink a lot of wine, photograph, and work on far too many other art related projects. stretch myself far too thin, basically. :)

I think there is a general connection between zine folks and DIY interests!

I def. agree with that. Zines have empowered me to be more active in the stuff I cook/wear/watch/enjoy. 

For the last few months I've been taking Improv comedy classes which is fun and flexes my creative muscles in a completely different way than zines do. Italso is giving me something to write about in the next issue of my zine and I'd be lying if I said that wasn't a small part of the appeal.

I also work, but with a few exceptions I think work is generally the least interesting thing most people do.

When my leg isn't injured I run and am a board member for my local running club.  I spend a lot of time volunteering at local races working at finish lines or manning water stations.  

Recently, I do a lot of reading/listening to podcasts in the realm of skepticism and atheism.  Trying to be more active in that community. 

Family, knitting, photography, and reading. I also "homeschool" my youngest daughter. 

um, write.. a novel?

go to goth clubz.

and punk showz.

and staff the infoshop.

and, really, write for other magazines and zines that i usually don't write for.

find new ways to benefit from the welfare system.

DJ with cassette tapes.

play music like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tx-LYpVSeRo

fight capitalism.

make patches [i'm behind on this one.]

go to interpersonal community meetings.

and organizing meetings.

ride freight trains.

write letters [also behind on this one.]

other stuff, that i write about in my zine.

We run a brick and mortar shop in Portland filled with zines and buttons. Actually, we haven't done much besides work on this shop for the past few months: Portland Button Works.

I write a lot. Some of that writing goes into zines. Some of it has been for philosophy or science classes. Some is fiction or poems or short stories that I'm not sure what to do with yet. I'm working on a novel with a transgender protangonist who lives in an alternate world with a variety of ecological constraints that are different from our own. I actually don't work on it very often, though :/

I try to read some too; working my way through S&F Barnard magazine (their new queer agenda issue) and an old philosophy textbook (which is a great starting place for learning about philosophy on the cheap, but uses male pronouns exclusively...... meh).

I also garden, learn about preserving food and whole local foods and stuff like that, and keep fish, and make paintings. Zines are becoming a bigger part of my life since the semester ended and I have time and energy to focus on them, and the rest of what goes into running a distro. <3

For most of my year: School, ugh.

In my free time I like to draw, paint, and do other crafts, collect house plants for my windowsill, do the laundry, read, watch tv/movies, waste time with good friends, write bad poetry, and make tasty food. This summer I'll probably be more active, biking/skating/hiking/swimming, hopefully visiting some museums and stuff. 

I go through a lot of phases though, where I'm super focused on just a couple of things and not much else, or where I just don't have the energy/inspiration to do much of anything. So I'm sometimes at a loss to describe my hobbies.

I clean the house, go to work and play with my daughter lol.  But I love running and exercising.  Every morning I run for 30mins depending on the weather.  When work doens't get in the way, my family and I like to go out and play or go to museums to show the little one some art or science.


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