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There's such a big, diverse group of people here. What are you guys into outside of zinedom? What are your hobbies and interests? 

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I snog punks and play the recorder. I'm also a primary teaching assistant by day, youth worker by night and outdoor education worker in the school holidays.

I go to poetry open-mic readings at a local Melbourne pub regularly, I try to have at least one new poem a week for those gigs.

I blog, here - http://willtypeforfood.blogspot.com.

I spend quite a lot of time obsessing over my cats, and probably should help out more in the garden.

The less said about work the better, because although I've been over five years in this job I still have no idea what to say when I say the name of the company, and people ask me what they do.

I enjoy cooking, and have recently taken up beer brewing - it's a fascinating and satisfying hobby, and I want to find more about that.

Don't go to hear bands much but I play the piano.

Such am I. :)

'I snog punks and play the recorder.'

I hope you don't do both at once.

Will said:

I snog punks and play the recorder. I'm also a primary teaching assistant by day, youth worker by night and outdoor education worker in the school holidays.

Oh, man. I snog a nerd pretty frequently, but it doesn't sound as cool. What ages do you work with? 

How did you get into beer brewing, Tim? 

I print photos for snotty rich people, drink a lot of tea, and read a lot of books. I also think of new and exciting ways to scam the u-scan to make my groceries cheaper. And think about writing zines. The fun never stops.

My brother seemed to have several brew kits lying around the place and he gave me two. (He used to brew but has given up at the moment.) I've been using can-kits - where they provide a mix to work with, and a sachet of yeast - but this year I will hopefully be able to branch out and just make my own mixes with malt, hops, and yeast.

work as a elementary school teacher,read a lot of zines and listen a lot but really a lot of music,also eat,sleep(less to be honest) and think about how the next issue of my zine would looks like

I think I do more zine related stuff that actually writing zines...that's kind of sad.

Non zine stuff:

brew beer



home repair

bike ride

zine related things that are no writing zines:

Zine band

Zine podcast

volunteer at the IPRC

organizing the Portland Zine Symposium

Organizing Zine Organizers event

Stolen Sharpie Revolution Website

and use zine events as an excuse to travel

Maybe I should get a life.

i'm more 'active' on the weekends, i go to shows, get bruises and i lub beer, i wish i can brew my own shit, perhaps one of you all can come over and teach me. or not. i enjoy drinking with my roommate and watching daria most of the nights. i also lub reading. i'm currently reading a book called "The Secrets of the Sideshows". Interesting shit. I enjoy doing things mostly on my own. I always get ideas for things to make, and do those things, collages, letters, I'm always searching for pen-pals, even if they're friends, who live 3 blocks away, I'll write, draw comics, or do other illustrations. These are things I do often, since I normally don't make zines, I have only last year, more a few years back when I was in school. I'm going to make coffee. I also boil many pots of water, for coffee and cup noodles, i would say about 30 mins daily. 

i draw chalkboards for bar's and restaraunt's,and talk to animal's

Working on my MA thesis, cooking, reading about food, blogging, started learning the ukulele, thrift store hunting, cooking, reading about food...

Eloise of Smells Like Zines distro apparently does homebrewing too. It's interesting how some zinesters like to brew their own beer, maybe it's just because DIY publications and DIY beer seem to fit together?


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