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What Creative Commons Licensing do you use when you are publishing your zine. I'm not doing this for the money, but I don't want other people to be making money and me not making any. What do you think? Brand spankin' new to the publishing zine thing. I'm calling it 1k.

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Thanks for your input. That makes sense.

Dan said:
What I use changes from time to time. When I want my words to reach as many people as possible, I put the most permissive license on it. When I think I might have a chance at selling my material to a publisher someday that wouldn't want any cc licenses on anything related, I leave them off. I think you need to reconsider your goals with each project, and decide which license best serves those goals. I think it might be better to focus on which license helps people do things you like with your material, rather than which license stops people from doing things you don't like. While it's frustrating to imagine that people would be allowed the make a huge profit off directly selling your material, it might be more important that someone isn't barred from making use of your work just because there project has some small commercial aspect (that noncommercial license would probably stop them from selling their zine that includes part of yours, even if their price tag just helps them pay for some of their expenses). If you have no aims of making money, I think you should lean towards the more permissive licenses--generally, they mean more people might take advantage of the license, and thus more people will see your work and name.


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