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What are you working on right now, and where are you along in it?

I'm working on a few things bit by bit, I just replaced my old printer. Moving house and my printer going kaput really slowed me down and demotivated me to work on zines. I've got various ones in various stages of progress. One of my new year's resolutions was to do a zine every month, whether a thick substantial one, or a mini one, I guess these will all get finished over this autumn some time. The ones on a particular theme take longer, as I have to wait until I'm thinking about that topic, rather than putting whatever jumble of things I fancy in. So far I've kept to my resolution this year. Writing down my to do list like this also helps me get it straight in my head.

Fanzine Ynfytyn 9 -working on bits and pieces strewn in notebooks. I'm hoping to finish it this weekend to keep my resolution. My general rubbish, such as "What does an amoeba have to worry about?" "top 5 things I have found on the street" "Why Ayn Rand annoys me so much"

Being Editors 1- Diana Wynne Jones- I got an interview with the lady herself. I've got to get articles down on paper that are going round in my head, explaining the ending of Fire & Hemlock and comparing it to the 4 Quartets by Eliot which it used as inspiration, article about how Witch Week is the anti-Harry Potter, and feminisim in her books

Being Editors 2- Edith Nesbit- to do- articles about her use of Kent in her books, and a review of The Children's Book by AS Byatt that I finished yesterday (the character of Olive Wellwood and her unusual marital arrangements is based on Nesbit- it's a brilliant book, I recommend it)

Being Editors 3- Oliver Postgate- I found the audio book of his autobiography in a charity shop the other day. I have to listen to it and write a review.

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I'm in between projects at the moment!

Just finished/finishing:
- single launch: http://soundcloud.com/djnu (i was a contract vocalist for his first solo track)
- mélange #2 - which should be in circulation soon

Thinking of maybe:
- doing a music project of my own. but still got heaps to learn. :\ not very good with thinking musically.
- getting back into painting & drawing.

Do you guys use the blogs much? Now that I've figured out how to track posts in Google Reader, I love being able to keep up with people's projects. :)
Yesterday I decided to make a zine called This is Not a Zine, based on the works of Keri Smith, who I adore. I plan to have twenty-five "assignments" in it, and I've written seventeen of them so far. I'm hoping to knock out the rest and do layout today.



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