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What are you working on right now, and where are you along in it?

I'm working on a few things bit by bit, I just replaced my old printer. Moving house and my printer going kaput really slowed me down and demotivated me to work on zines. I've got various ones in various stages of progress. One of my new year's resolutions was to do a zine every month, whether a thick substantial one, or a mini one, I guess these will all get finished over this autumn some time. The ones on a particular theme take longer, as I have to wait until I'm thinking about that topic, rather than putting whatever jumble of things I fancy in. So far I've kept to my resolution this year. Writing down my to do list like this also helps me get it straight in my head.

Fanzine Ynfytyn 9 -working on bits and pieces strewn in notebooks. I'm hoping to finish it this weekend to keep my resolution. My general rubbish, such as "What does an amoeba have to worry about?" "top 5 things I have found on the street" "Why Ayn Rand annoys me so much"

Being Editors 1- Diana Wynne Jones- I got an interview with the lady herself. I've got to get articles down on paper that are going round in my head, explaining the ending of Fire & Hemlock and comparing it to the 4 Quartets by Eliot which it used as inspiration, article about how Witch Week is the anti-Harry Potter, and feminisim in her books

Being Editors 2- Edith Nesbit- to do- articles about her use of Kent in her books, and a review of The Children's Book by AS Byatt that I finished yesterday (the character of Olive Wellwood and her unusual marital arrangements is based on Nesbit- it's a brilliant book, I recommend it)

Being Editors 3- Oliver Postgate- I found the audio book of his autobiography in a charity shop the other day. I have to listen to it and write a review.

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CocoaPuss Zine said:
anyway, me and my kid just got the cover of hip mama so i'm feeling pretty good. any my article is going in there too. super awesome

woah, right on!!
I'm working on issue 3 of my Perzine, I just have the easy part to finish yet - keeping a journal while on vacation. After that, I just have to write it all in, make photocopies, and then I'm done! I am still waiting for a zine someone's sending in for review, as well, and after I write about that I'll be finished. I would say I'm about 60% finished.

I included a lot of stuff in this issue. A lot of rambling, a lot more art than usual, some reviews, a how to draw section, and some surprise goodies for the readers!
I'm mainly working on sending out zines for orders and trades, and also putting together the next issue of Rebel Grrl Zine, which is an anti-church issue.
i'm working on...

~ your pretty face is going straight to hell #9 which is going to be a split with telegram ma'am. it's about long distance friendships and stuff..

~ a cooking zine, with vegetarian, vegan and carnivorous recipies. it's called the queen is fed.

~ getting vampire sushi distro website ready for the grand opening. whenever that is, hopefully sometime in september. we've already got quite a few amazing zines in stock, i'm just struggling with descriptions and other boring stuff. ha.
I'm working on (duke of)Edinburgh Escapades with my friend, and I've done one article so far. :o But I have written it out three times only to realise I forgot to leave a space for the holepunch ;s.
I'm also doing a random sine called Working Wonders and I've done one article in that, too, but it's longer then the DofEE one. :)
Both are handwritten and, therefore, illegible.
I've spent much of the morning envelope-stuffing. 24 packages of ziney goodness ready to go to the post office! :D
I'm working on a little cook zine called the Lentilist (sage advice from one new vegan to another). I've written up lots of it but keep thinking of new things I want to go in. Maybe I'll just make myself stop and new things can go in another one later...

I have grand plans for food-y backgrounds, though I'm not sure how I'm going to smuggle 20 different foodstuffs and a large plastic tray into my library photocopying centre. A challenge!
well, all the puzzles for "up the logic punks!" #3 have been done for over a month. i just have to type out the clues & lay everything out. i haven't had much energy for this, having just moved halfway across the country & all.

i have also been feeling the itch to start writing for "love letter to monsters" #3, but...i think i am going to do nanowrimo this month & write a memoir about my crazy family before i forget all the details, & then adapt that into a zine. maybe. i might also use the collection of feedback letters i have sent zinesters in the last year & adapt those into a zine instead/as well. that stuff is less personal (less about family history/drugs/mental illness) & more about, like, green consumerism & the latter-day riot grrrl movement.

i'm also writing an essay on riot grrrl zines of the 90s that may or may not be published in a book that may or may not ever actually be published. i guess i'll put it in some kind of zine or something if the book never happens.

also thinking about looking around for some shop space somewhere in lawrence (KS) for the distro. but that's more a long-term plan, as i don't have energy for it right now.
I'm in the "stash ideas in a folder and start making outlines" for issue 4 of Late Night Thinking. So far, it's a re-telling and look back at an ill-fated trip to Oregon back in 1998, and an ode to crockpots. I loved the interview I did in my last issue, so I'd like to do another one.

And, it being near the end of the month, it's about time to throw together this month's issue of Haiku a Day.
I've been making new background pages to photocopy. I love making background pages!

Also, been doing lots of cutting and pasting of the upcoming anti-church issue of Rebel Grrl Zine. Mainly waiting now for a friend to finish her article for it, then I can start doing the overall layout.

Also nearly finished the first Change the World in 7 Days zine. Just need the 7th day!
thanks for posting this thread, it's nice to see some good, (mostly) positive zine talk going on!
i'm tweaking some writing, feeling out moods and wording before committing to them...mainly doing some general conceptualizing for the art and layout of my next zine...reading lots and lots of books and zines to get inspired...feeling very very grateful for the roles that distros play in selecting good zines...grateful to the wider community for putting out such quality work...
thinking maybe my zine wont be out til the end of the year but hoping hoping hoping that i can commit to an earlier date, as my year will get more and more busy as it reaches december.
we will see...
computer crashed for five days so bored and full of coffee i started on a cut'n'paste zine called Amphetamine Wolverine Blues - using old (30s/40s) ads and bits and pieces - now computer is working again, i'm trying to finish newest issue of Sprak! - cult films and b- grade movie reviews... then i might get around to my metal muscle zine... or i might continue with the wolverine blues... as long as the photocopier doesnt decide it wants a break


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