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What are you working on right now, and where are you along in it?

I'm working on a few things bit by bit, I just replaced my old printer. Moving house and my printer going kaput really slowed me down and demotivated me to work on zines. I've got various ones in various stages of progress. One of my new year's resolutions was to do a zine every month, whether a thick substantial one, or a mini one, I guess these will all get finished over this autumn some time. The ones on a particular theme take longer, as I have to wait until I'm thinking about that topic, rather than putting whatever jumble of things I fancy in. So far I've kept to my resolution this year. Writing down my to do list like this also helps me get it straight in my head.

Fanzine Ynfytyn 9 -working on bits and pieces strewn in notebooks. I'm hoping to finish it this weekend to keep my resolution. My general rubbish, such as "What does an amoeba have to worry about?" "top 5 things I have found on the street" "Why Ayn Rand annoys me so much"

Being Editors 1- Diana Wynne Jones- I got an interview with the lady herself. I've got to get articles down on paper that are going round in my head, explaining the ending of Fire & Hemlock and comparing it to the 4 Quartets by Eliot which it used as inspiration, article about how Witch Week is the anti-Harry Potter, and feminisim in her books

Being Editors 2- Edith Nesbit- to do- articles about her use of Kent in her books, and a review of The Children's Book by AS Byatt that I finished yesterday (the character of Olive Wellwood and her unusual marital arrangements is based on Nesbit- it's a brilliant book, I recommend it)

Being Editors 3- Oliver Postgate- I found the audio book of his autobiography in a charity shop the other day. I have to listen to it and write a review.

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I am working on two zines. Rebel In Magenta #17 (I haven't made a zine under the RIM name since 2004) & it has to do with turning 30 & looking back, realizing where I am in life & I guess it has a lot to do with changes. I am also working on Dirty July #2 which is broken up into 3 parts all dealing somewhat with the month of July. I can't wait to get these zines done. I am releasing them as a two-pack. Hopefully they will be done by the end of the year, since I am unemployed now & have more time to work on them! I do have a lot written up for both already. I just need to put all my little notes together & get busy!!
Trying to plan my next monthly zine To me a monthly is a lot of work. But...I do like the final product. Also redesigning it in my head for the new year.
I've just finished Fanzine Ynfytyn 9, and I'm working on issues 10 & 11 of Ynfytyn (I accrued made pages over the summer, but they don't quite go together as a coherent issue) and also Roman Emperors Rated and Slated. I'm hoping to get the Roman Emperors one done in time for the Zine Friendly event on Thurs in London
i've been working on a zine documentary project mostly (see my blog post for details), and nicole, mo, celina, and i just finished the richmond, va zine fest (whew!). my next project is another issue of "birds against squirrels", which is mostly poems, but some personal writing and pictures too.

it's hard to fit it all in, especially while working two jobs. any advice about how to stay creative when you're exhausted? :)
I've got the anti-church issue of RGZ ready to send out now. Next is to put together 'I'm not like other girls' and then see what my potential perzine is like.

Lots of post to go out this week too.
* Doing too much overtime at work
* Working on articles for Ynfytyn which have been hanging around since the summer. I don't know how many issues it will turn out to make, but definitely at least 2
* Continuing slowly with the Diana Wynne Jones one, I'm not always in the mood to write essays
* Roman Emperors, the good, the bad and the ugly. I've got 3/4 of the text written, still have to do the illustrations. Basically a bluffer's guide to Roman emperors (using that classics degree at last!)
-studying for finals
-job and apartment hunting
-printing up a tiny zine about winter survival tips
-working on a little zine about strange animal mating habits, just to make myself giggle
-working on a new perzine
-working on a poetry zine
-trying to get over my carpal tunnel!

sooo exhausted but it's fulfilling!
-Working (sort of) on my perzine, untitled as of now. It's about my dating experience as a disabled individual, and my relationship now with my boyfriend, who is also disabled.

-FINALLY getting my laptop fixed so I can work on my distro. After my boyfriend left (he lives in California and was here for a two-month visit), I discovered my laptop had a virus. And I thought I lost all my files. But nope - my dad is kind of a computer genius, and got me up and running again.

-Writing for my blog whenever I get the chance.
right now I'm working on a zine about lying. I kept a record of how many times I lied in a given day, how many of those lies were necessary, etc. I'm also including a few submissions.
Right now I'm working on quite a few things!

The thing I've been working on for the longest is a humorous comic/art zine with my boyfriend. Pretty much all we have is a (probably illegally) photocopied of the cover of a religious pamphlet called "Who Touched Me?" from the library we work at and a few drawings I did. It seems to be that he's the one who comes up with the ideas and then I'm the one who gets drunk and draws them. I have a feeling this won't be done until like 5 years from now.

I've also been working on a literary zine of short prose about my current relationship. I've been working on it since the mid summer and it's been through about a million edits. Hollis, a friend of mine who used to do zines (maybe some of you remember her, I think she was on Pander?) and I got in touch and are supposed to do a split. I have 9 vignettes finished and it feels pretty complete, and I'm really happy with it, but at the same time I'm fucking terrified of putting it out there since it's so personal. So I'm grappling with that right now.

And the latest thing I'm working on is my distro! I've posted about it, so I'm sure you've all heard enough by now. At this stage I'm ordering more zines, making little databases and setting things up. I'm going to purchase the domain in the upcoming weeks and get the website up and running, though I'm not shooting for it to be open until Mid-January. I have about 11 zines I'll be selling as of right now and a lot more I'm interested in. I'm psyched!

Whew, I'm a busy girl!
I'm just getting started on the first issue of my new perzine, Reclusive Obscenities. It's going to be on the abortion I had last month. It was my first and quite a traumatic experience even though I felt no emotional connection to the fetus at all. It's a topic I feel I need to write about and I'm really excited about the prospect of this new zine all around.
i just finished my 8th zine and i'm gonna get it printed in the morning!
i also just finished making all my zines web-friendly so you dont have to download them but you can just scroll through them.
pretty excited. check them out? eyetriangle.blogspot.com

im also working on a zine of my friend's drum note book. he tabs everything out and he has some amazing stuff.
if youre good at playing drums check it out! its amazing. http://drumnotebook.wordpress.com/


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