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What are you working on right now, and where are you along in it?

I'm working on a few things bit by bit, I just replaced my old printer. Moving house and my printer going kaput really slowed me down and demotivated me to work on zines. I've got various ones in various stages of progress. One of my new year's resolutions was to do a zine every month, whether a thick substantial one, or a mini one, I guess these will all get finished over this autumn some time. The ones on a particular theme take longer, as I have to wait until I'm thinking about that topic, rather than putting whatever jumble of things I fancy in. So far I've kept to my resolution this year. Writing down my to do list like this also helps me get it straight in my head.

Fanzine Ynfytyn 9 -working on bits and pieces strewn in notebooks. I'm hoping to finish it this weekend to keep my resolution. My general rubbish, such as "What does an amoeba have to worry about?" "top 5 things I have found on the street" "Why Ayn Rand annoys me so much"

Being Editors 1- Diana Wynne Jones- I got an interview with the lady herself. I've got to get articles down on paper that are going round in my head, explaining the ending of Fire & Hemlock and comparing it to the 4 Quartets by Eliot which it used as inspiration, article about how Witch Week is the anti-Harry Potter, and feminisim in her books

Being Editors 2- Edith Nesbit- to do- articles about her use of Kent in her books, and a review of The Children's Book by AS Byatt that I finished yesterday (the character of Olive Wellwood and her unusual marital arrangements is based on Nesbit- it's a brilliant book, I recommend it)

Being Editors 3- Oliver Postgate- I found the audio book of his autobiography in a charity shop the other day. I have to listen to it and write a review.

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Spent an obscene amount of money in the Post Office this afternoon to send out zines! I'm all up to date with orders and trades now though, which is nice.

Still waiting for my friend's article for the next Rebel Grrl Zine. It's kinda hard to hassle a friend...

I've decided on day 7 for the first 'Change the World in 7 Days' so need to do the writing and art for that.

Plan for the evening - read lots of zines!
Working on a mini-catalog for the Syndicate Product Zine Collection (syndprod.etsy.com) to hand out at the Small Press Expo in a few weeks... and it's taking a hell of a lot of effort, even though it's only an 8 page mini!

Also soliciting and collecting entries for the next issue of Syndicate Product, #15 : Coming Clean.
Eh. I'm very busy NOT actually working on ReWrite issue 5, though that may change now that I've moved my zine workspace downstairs and out from under the pile of papers that have rendered it inaccessible for the past several months. Thinking about doing a one-off entitled '100 Strangers and 5 Questions'.
I'm working on a one off which is a revised version of a paper on gender identity, perception and expression that I wrote this last spring. It is a "mystory" which was challenging because none of us could really figure out what a mystory was. Nonetheless, the result was far more interesting than I imagined it would be. I pretty much cut and pasted it up and it's close to ready, but I'm not satisfied with it and am going to start over. Plus, I want to tighten it up a little bit more. So, back to square one...kind of.
Two big projects for me.
The new issue of my zine, Musea will be my new ideas on biology - specifically looking at life as a catabolic anabolic split (see my blog here for more info if interested in this subject - and leave comments)

The other big project is my 5th CD, and I am going to do something very different. We are going to have a CD release party ONLINE - where anyone in the world can come and hear the new type of "Post-Band" type music.
50:50 zine #2 is on its way. This one is 50 ways to be happy and 50 ways to be sad. The happy side is done, except for some of the background doodling. The sad side I'm up to 33, it's harder than the happy side, because it can't just be 'don't's which are the opposites of the happy side, but I'm getting there!

Change the World in 7 Days is all written and illustrated, just need to get the printer working, and do the layout and such.

I've also updated the rebel grrl zine site.
Got all my outstanding orders and trades posted today. Also got some US$ to order some zines I've spotted in Zine World :)
The anti-church issue of Rebel Grrl Zine is almost ready. It will be 62 pages, which is way bigger than any zine I've ever made. All the pages are ready, just need to final check the order and stick it all together, then get it copied.

I've redesigned my zine website, and am sending out the first copies of my two latest zines.

I've got all the submissions now for I'm Not Like Other Girls, and once RGZ Anti-Church is complete I'll be making them into a zine.

Busy zine times!
I'm doing midterms right now, so I have no idea how I'm managing to do ANYTHING, but never underestimate a girl with an itch to zine, I guess?

-I'm working on getting Issue 1 of Ordinary out to all the lovely people I'm trading with, I need a few more copies and a ton of stamps
-I've already started Issue 2
-I'm getting ideas for a mini zine for my cat's birthday next week
-also getting ideas for a mini zine about my 19th birthday
-and getting ideas for a zine with my best friend, to be called Buttonhat!

not to mention the fact that I'm plotting my novel for national novel writing month, making postcards for a craft fair in a few weeks, and generally going insane.
I just spent two weeks in Halifax at the Anchor Archive for their zine residency program. And I finally had the time to write the zine I have been meaning to write for the past 5 years! I'm still trying to figure out the words to use to describe it. A person in Halifax said they read all 80 pages in one sitting and that it was "intense" I'd like to think that if someone can sit and read the zine for 80 pages it must be interesting. Here's a picture. There are no cats in these images as there would be at home and has been in past photos.

Next up: A zine tour diary from my UK zine trip complete with cover by Steve Larder Rum Lad and a visual diagram of cookies v. biscuits by Isy Morgenmuffel! Oh ya, and I also wrote the intro to the Morgenmuffel anthology book. I'm excited to see it.

My 3 perpetual zines in my head:
1) Recipes are tools of the patricarchy cookzine
2) take a pitcher it will last longer- a beer education zine
3) haiku about ex-housemates zine

Maybe someday I'll get to them all.
i'm compiling a comics zine with my friend's matt and leslie to be ready in time for the milwaukee zine fest. we've all been doing our own weekly comics, so we figure a chicago comics threeway split would be really cool.

i also started working on a graphic novel with my friend leslie, who is a writer. it's going to take forever and it's going to be a lot of work, but the story is really excellent and hopefully when i'm done illustrating it we can send it around to small publishers. it's very overwhelming to think about how much work it's going to take.
I'm working on Sleeps With Ghosts #1, which is my zine about sex, drugs, body, and trauma recovery. I'm also working on a zine about how sexism affects men, and I'm hoping to start a series of mini zines in time for Expozine mid-November.

All of these are in very early stages, if I've even started at all, because I put everything aside to finish Beautiful Mess #2 in time for Canzine, which was yesterday.

On the non-zine front, I have a series of hair extension and photography projects I want to start, if only I had the time!


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