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Im reading this book called Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger and its about this girl who makes zines.It really got me interested in them.I live in a little town and noone around here has heard of a zine.I have never actually read one before and I want to.I dont know how I would go about getting one.I really would like to read one and maybe write my own.If you know of any ways that I could get a zine please let me know.

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if you have a credit card or a paypal account, you can order them from distros such as http://www.microcosmpublishing.com/
I have some random zines I'd send your way (via snailmail)... They may not be my favorite ever, but it's a start....
hi and welcome!

i remember when i first found out about zines -- its pretty exciting!
you can wander about this website and check out zinesters profiles or the announcement thread on these here forums and if you see a zine you think youd like to read, contact the zinester directly and send them a nice note and a couple of bux and/or stamps and do it the (much more satisfying imo) DIY/old skool way (well, sort of old skool i suppose), or you can check one of the handful of great distros (someone who distributes other peoples zines) and place an order.. either via snail mail or pay pal.

three really fantastic distros are learning to leave a paper trail (www.papertraildistro.com) which is run by ciara, stranger danger (www.strangerdangerdistro.com) which is run by LB, and parcell press (www.parcellpress.comwhich is run by taylor -- all 3 of them are on here too!

have fun!
Scan the profiles here, see what interests you and contact the people about getting their zine.
if you google zines carefully, you'll find downloadable ones or those that you can read right off the site... it's a good start just to help you survey different zines :) i wouldn't mind sendong you one of mine but i wont be going to the post office soon :O
nothing can top the feeling of writing a letter or note, and sending it with a couple of stamps and a buck or two in the mail and then receiving a zine and hopefully a note or a letter back. being able to open the envelope and hold pieces of paper that someone put all kinds of time, energy, and heart into is what got me into zines and what keeps me involved in zines. that form of communicating (and creating community no doubt) is way way way more exciting and fulfilling than downloading zines off of the internet. in my honest and hopefully humble opinion.
thanks this is very helpful.i appreciate it
that book got me into zines too! that's awesome. i got your email. all the information you need to order my zine is on my profile, in the blog post about regeneration #6. i hope to get an order from you soon!
To find more zines you might like to order and read, check out Zine World

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Another good zine review resource is Xerography Debt

it´s really cool to know each new person curious in zines. the people is more frightened to trade zines by post, but for me it´s ever great trade a letter, recieve a "tiny magazine", know people. you can see some of my comics (my zines is mainly about comics) in my profile. and, if you want, can send me a scrap to I post you some of my comics zines. greetings from Brazil. ^^



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