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you pay the shipping.  maybe $10 in the US, $15 to canada.  random stuff i don't want any more.  a few hidden jems for someone....  let me know!

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i'd be interested if there's at least some sweet perzines in there. happy to pay for postage to australia, depending on just how big that box is.
I'm interested in the whole box. Thanks!
no idea how many zines. 100? 150? some repeats, though. ideal for a zine library. i think i'm gonna ask $15, which is what I think it will cost to media mail it here in the US. To australia, yikes... maybe like $40? It's heavy. Just let me know! We could do paypal to solvestickers@gmail.com, that would be fine.

Take care!

Sent a message-forgot to include LVZL web addy- www.lvzinelibrary.blogspot.com :)
oh that's a huggge box, aha! it looks about knee-high and i'm presuming at least 10- 15 kg, so i'd be looking at well over a hundred bucks for postage. bummer!
I'm in the US. Are you asking $15 no matter what it ends up costing to ship? (if its more you lose some and if it's less you win some.) If so I'll take it, can paypal you today! :)
I can paypal you $15 right now if it's still available. I'd love to take it off your hands. :)
I've never heard back from Billy, so if you wanted to get me a shipping price I might be interested. I'm eternally broke, so if it's to pricey I won't be able to afford it. But... zipcode is 21114 in USA if that helps any. :)

Amber / Culture Slut said:
But if you're in Canada or the US and would like the box, lemme know and I'll saunter on down to the post office and get an exact price for you.
sorry for not getting back! I've been moving, and don't have my own computer on the internet yet!

anyway, box of zines is spoken for! sorry, wish i had more! i donated a ton to the chicago underground library already. but yo, talk to amber! she's awesome and probably has some awesome zines.....
I'd be interested, if I could afford it... I'd definitely be curious to know how much it would cost to ship within Canada. If it's cheap enough, I'd snap it up for sure, I know you have excellent taste so I bet even zines you're getting rid of would be wicked!

Amber / Culture Slut said:
I figured starting another thread would be redundant, so I'll give this one a shot. I just tidied up my zine collection as well and managed to cut out about 150 zines (actually, 156 so far, though I may add a few more over the next few days). I thought about dividing them up into grab bags, but if I could get rid of 'em in one fell swoop, that would make my life a lot easier. A lot of them are feminist zines, there are also queer zines, comic and art zines, a few on mental health, perzines and other fun stuff. Like Billy said, some real gems, too. Some of 'em are doubles of ones that I already have, some of 'em are great zines but I'm just not 100% in love with them and I'm trying to keep my material possessions down to a minimum (surely there are over 1000 zines in my living room right now). I've got them packed up into a box that normally holds a pair of boots and to be quite honest, it is very heavy. I live in Canada and our postage rates are quite high, so international buyers might wanna skip out on this one 'coz I know it'll be like $100 to mail it. But if you're in Canada or the US and would like the box, lemme know and I'll saunter on down to the post office and get an exact price for you.
B3K 4C3 :) thanks Amber.

Amber / Culture Slut said:
I'll stop by the post office and get a shipping quote for Canada and the US tomorrow. Thanks for your interest! star blanket, if you could let me know your postal code, I think that might be best (ie: postage to say, Vancouver would be different than Halifax).
Completely understand. It's pretty hot here as well AND I've got a fever on top of that, so I've barely moved all day. No worries :) Phew, I always forget how quickly summer blooms in Canada lately...

Amber / Culture Slut said:
I'm not one to make excuses, but I didn't have a chance to check the price today. I ran a bunch of errands already and can't imagine going back outside (it's nearly 40 degrees Celsius in Montreal!). Tomorrow though.

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