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USPS doesn't allow mailing of "Abortion/Contraceptive Things"?

This is related to zines because it has to do with the postal system? (Sure!) Anyway while perusing the USPS site I came across this:

Abortive and Contraceptive Devices

12.19.1 Abortion Devices

Any article or thing designed, adapted, or intended for producing a...permitted in the mail (18 USC 1461).

12.19.2 Contraceptives

Unsolicited samples of an article or thing designed, adapted, or in...preventing conception is permitted in the mail only when sent to a manufacturer or a dealer of such an article or things, to a licensed physician or surgeon, or to a nurse, pharmacist, druggist, hospital, or clinic (39 USC 3001; 18 USC 1461).


LINK: http://pe.usps.com/text/dmm300/601.htm#wp1140026


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this messes up my plans for my 'Naked Jerry Falwell' zine...

I'm pretty sure this is more to protect them against lawsuits from parents of minors that get caught with birth control than anything else. My wife has gotten various types of contraception mailed to her, including the Pill. And I've ordered condoms online delivered USPS a bunch from a retail company that wouldn't meet that criteria.
It doesn't say you can't send contraceptives. It just says you can't send unsolicited ones. And even then, you can sometimes, if it's going to certain people/places.

That's true. So I suppose the law is intended to make it illegal to send unsolicited advertisements for abortions. But even with that said, it's still kind of strange to me. 


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