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i recently found out that my university copy center offers copying services for $0.05 per side. Significantly cheaper by .03-.05 cents than any other commercial location.

I coordinate a zine project for youth and thus put out some zine resource lists and tips, etc. I am wondering if the university copy shop being a cheap place to do zines is a fairly universal phenomenon or not.


So, have you checked with a local university or college to see if they do copies? what prices did you find?

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Uni of Liverpool's print shop was expensive, I only used it as a last resort. The photocopiers in the library offered a good price - I think it was 10p per A3 side b&w - but you had to stand over it and bat off angry glares from the people waiting in a queue behind you!


Tip for UK people - local council houses are supposed to offer a discounted printing service to their residents. Recently some of them have had to close down because of the cuts, but Bristol and South Gloucestershire still offer really good deals. It's worth checking out if your Uni service is anything like mine was!

Uni of Nottingham Students' Union Print Shop is amazing. It's 5p double sided (most other places are 5p single sided). I will miss them hugely when I graduate. They also love me because I take them all sorts of ridiculous/unusual things to photocopy :D

I ran the zinemaking workshop at Southern Girls Rock & Roll Camp last year, which happens on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University. We went to the campus copy center to run some test sheets of different types of pens and such. Not only were most of the machines out of order, but the ones that worked ran off a card reader that spat one's student ID (used like a debit card) out after about five seconds of inactivity. Copies there were ten cents a side. It was pretty frustrating.


I just called my old alma mater (which happens to be a three minute walk from my house) and asked if alumnae can use the copy shop. They said sure; now I just need to find out how much they cost.

My university was much more expensive than even Staples, 15 cents a side. I remember because I used to copy zines there. It was very easy to scam, however, since it was pure honor system. I didn't feel bad about doing it.


The copy shop in the college town I live in now, though, is AMAZING. They're not affiliated with the college or anything, but it's five cents a side, six if it's legal paper, and they tend to under-charge if you go there a lot and run a lot of copies. I know they do a lot of copying for the college, but I also know I'm not the only zinester that uses it since I asked the guy if he'd ever seen flats like mine before and he said "oh yeah, I see people with these kind of things." Also a free paper cutter and a big window ledge to spread out on.



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