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Sorry to resort to using the forum for this, but after paypal-ing money a couple of months ago and never getting zines I'm getting cranky, but am willing to entertain the fact that something awful has happened to her that's preventing her from answering emails, blog comments, and WMZ messages.


If anyone knows anything I'd appreciate it. [still trying to be nice]  --Margarat

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I think someone else had posted about the same thing a couple of weeks ago.   Hope it works out for you all!
If she's jumped in and back out of the zine biz so be it, I wish she'd just say so. I had messaged her on FB a couple of weeks ago and got nothing (plus email and blog comments). This was really a public outing of the issue. Thanks for the encouragement.

I tried disputing the payment through Paypal but since her account wasn't Verified it's not disputable via paypal. So that's $16 down the drain.

On Paypal her name is Stacy Bowie, the paypal email is psychophoria@hotmail.com. Her other emails is weedsmith@live.com

According to paypal she's not in the U.S., so I would love to know if ANYONE has received this zine. Seems like a lot of trouble to go to for measly zine $$.




I have her zine... she lives about 5 hours away from me, and Iv asked a friend of mine who knows her in person to try to get in contact with her.
I picked up her zine from a distro at Brighton zine fest, though I had tried to get hold of one through herself
Thanks, Grace, for seeing if someone can talk to her in person. I can live without my $16, obviously, but I just don't understand her lack of response. I offered up the idea in my emails that she was just late in sending them, or that something, anything, had happened. I suppose that my rancor is in relation to the efforts she was making to get the word out about her zine, her efforts to get it distroed, etc., that she put herself in this position then just disappeared. I think I've gone from just trying to get in touch to venting about it, which means it's time to let it go....  --Margarat
I never paid her for zines, but she seemed really interested in bring distroed thru Click Clack and said she was sending a consideration copy, which never came.  So, looks like she may have been gung ho about zines for a minute and then moved on.

yeah, I was wondering about her, too. I was really interested in her blog post about a comp zine about women and weed.

I sure hope you hear back from her. and if you do, please tell her other people are hoping she makes a comeback.

any luck/any word yet?

what about you, Grace, or your friend?

Can I be the only person who thinks that someone dong a zine about weed suddenly losing the motivation to actually send anyone her zines is kind of funny?

haha. nah, when you point it out like that, it is kinda funny. :] 

I mean it's a sucky situation to owe people zines (or their money back), but this is amusing (and I smoke).

Ericfishlegs said:

Can I be the only person who thinks that someone dong a zine about weed suddenly losing the motivation to actually send anyone her zines is kind of funny?
Are you really comparing someone not sending out zines to someone stealing your grandmother's medication?



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