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Join me in listing those moments that hit you where you think, "THIS is why i am involved with zines!!"

This happened to me yesterday.. and it just solidified my love for zines even more:

When you send someone your zine hoping they will trade.... and you get something in the mail from that person way too soon for it to be a response, to find that in the mean time they had sent you their zine asking to trade!

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i always want to leave zines in places but with all the rubbish free newspapers (and general litter) im worried no one would notice or it would be thrown away pretty quickly
Dan 10things said:
When you find a brave little zine traveling all by it's lonesome on a public train waiting to be found...

I think there should be more random zine stashing so other people can experience this joy. It's like a ninja zine attack and a great way to pick up new zine readers.

I have never found a free zine on the street, but I have a vast collection of religious tracts that Christ enthusiasts left around to be picked up by some wayward sinner. What are their methods? Here are some helpful hints from Jack Chick's website; just substitute the word "zine" for tract" and voila!!


• Hand tracts to the passengers on the elevators
• Leave a tract in a phone booth
• Place a tract in the envelope when paying your bills by mail
• Drop tracts in the video slot when returning a rented video or DVD
* Leave tracts on your coffee table for your guests
* When paying bills enclose a tract with your payment
* Having a garage sale? Set up a "free tract" table

While Shopping:

* Hand a tract to the cashier
* Leave tracts on the shelves in the stores
* Place tracts in the dressing rooms
* Place a tract in the pockets of the clothes
* Hand tracts to the passengers on the elevators
* Leave a tract next to the handrail on the escalator
* Place a tract under the windshield wiper on the cars in the parking lot


1. Let Trick-or-Treaters pick from a tray stocked with different Chick tracts.
2. Pass out Chick tracts at Haunted Houses.
3. Put a Chick tract under windshield wipers at adult Halloween parties.
4. Leave tracts in the candy section of stores.
5. Set up a table and give Trick-or-Treaters Chick tracts as they pass by your church.
6. Go house to house saying, "Trick or Tract," then hand the person a Chick tract.
7. Share Halloween tracts at school.
8. Leave Chick tracts at Costume shops.
9. Hit the streets, shouting, "Free comic books!" You'll be swarmed with requests.
10. Won't be home? Leave a box of Chick tracts at your front door with instructions.
11. Give some of your tracts to your Christian friends to get them involved.
12. Organize a church-wide Chick tract distribution project.
13. Hand out tracts at places where they sell Halloween pumpkins.

While Traveling, Give Them To:

• Waitresses
• Cashiers
• Flight Attendants
• Cab Drivers
• Local Employees
• Gas Station Workers
• Truck Drivers
• Fast Food Employees

Leave them:
• At Gas Stations
• In Restrooms
• At Rest Areas
• In Restaurants
• On ATM Machines

At Motels:
• On Dressers for the Maid
• In the Gideons Bible
• On Ice Machines
• At Pay Phones
• On Newspaper Racks

Traveling By Plane:
• Plane Seat Pockets
• Inside Magazines
• Restrooms
• Terminals
• Lounges
• Waiting Areas
• Luggage Pickup Area
• Meal trays

• On Picnic Tables
• In Laundromats
• In Supply Stores
• Restrooms
• Game Rooms

During the Holidays:

* Those to whom you send Christmas cards
* Store sales clerks
* Carolers
* Store Santas and his helpers
* Those who attend musicals or plays at your church
* Co-workers
* Shoppers waiting in line
* School teachers
* Waitresses (with a good tip)
* Restaurant busboys, cashiers, etc.
* Grocery store workers
* Gas station attendants
* Own a business? Slip one in each customer's bag as they check out.
Reading strangers' handwriting gets me excited about zines.
The fact that one of my zine pen pals turned into a really good friend, and ended up moving across the country a block away from me.
waking up with zine ideas and even layouts in my head! That's what happened today. I'm stoked that I may have a new zine by the time I leave for London!
When my other friends make a zine.
Websites like this one.
Looking at the catalogues of distros, especially when they are visually pleasing.
Looking at zines you made in the past.
Zine fests.
I like that you can create without it being an 'elite' club...
You are on even grounding with everyone else...it's like one of the last creative frontiers that hasn't been taken over and raped by the 'cool squad' ...hey thats a cool idea for a zine...hehehe
My favourite was when someone came running up to my table at a convention and exclaimed, "You have issue #2?!"
He quickly paid for the mini and then ran off. Reading it eagerly the whole time.
Sweet! In dreams I'm like a zine matchmaker sleuth!

Mab said:
Zine dreams make me excited about zines! I haven't had that many, but I had a really cool one where I met my true love through my zine and Alex Wrekk helped me track him down! *waves to Alex*
i agree with everything in your list, but somehow the printer thing really got to me.

also, seeing teenage girls feel like it's okay to draw, write and make their own zines because of a zine you had made or zine workshop you ran.

going to a show in buffalo and having people refuse to pay the cover price, saying it was too cheap, giving you a couple bucks more instead and then refusing the change or an additional zine.

The East Village Inky said:
When the printer greets you like an old friend, and you think about how he and all the guys who work in that shop may well have read your entire zinely oeuvre cover to cover.
Having a friend call me from Flagstaff, Arizona to say that she had just found a zine I made seven years ago in a zine library, and having absolutely no idea how it got there.



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