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Post projects that you are eager to start and/or finish. Or even just ideas that you had been toying around with for a while but just haven't gotten the time to do yet. I guess this is a way to motivate ourseves to keep at it and get it done. haha

You can also post calls for submission if you'd like. :)

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I'm the queen of unfinished projects! Especially with zines - I keep thinking "ooh I should make a zine about X" but I never do, unless it's part of a project or something with a deadline.

I perform, and in less than a month is the 3rd Cabaret Burlesque competition. I entered last year for the first time and got 3rd place (new talent) and a whole lotta love, which was awesome. This year i'm thinking of doing a drag king magic thing. I just spent some money on magic tricks, now gotta wait till they arrive and practice!!

i'm half-wondering if I should make a zine about culturally diverse/queer performance artists. I find them severely underappreciated. However, knowing me, I'd probably more likely blog about it than zine about it ;P
Did you mention the failings of a school system? Send me a copy!!

Jechoniah said:
I am just about to release my very first zine! It's on the failings of the current US school system. Um... how do you release a zine?
I saw a great drag king comedy magic act recently, the performer was dressed as a sort of moustachioed victorian uncle. It's the type of thing there should be more of.
Xtramedium - a 1/2 cut & paste booklet with lyrics and explanation for the songs of my band xtramedium. this yould come in three versions : english, french and italian (bcause we're touring in italia soon)

Cheaptoys #5 - I got few stuff, but I plan to write it when I come back from tour, or when I'll be on the train between the gigs. a part is about movie versus reality, another about being on tour I guess and few more stuff. I maybe got a plan to get it offset printed in monaco at a proffessionnal printer wich is selling out.

Translation of the Olly Olly Oxen Free #4 zine.

Zinester's guide to Nice : cheap/vegan/punk stuff I don't know. as far as it goes I got less and less stuff to put in it.

Papy Giscard et ses Fantasmes # ??, is a zine project started by will (social damage) & AD (I'm a ...) it's a A4 page zine project, with private jokes, bar legends and magazine clips. they did one and ask me to do another and then to ask someone else. sounds fun.

make a zine distro with AD. more on that later, but we are already thinking about few stuff we liked and want to distro for sure, but maybe we should focus on good french/local zines too. the distro addy will be the same as cheaptoys.

set a zine event in Nice, maybe this spring, maybe later I got a lot of work at school and the venue is booked till june, but it's definitly a project I try to manage with a college-student photolab who put out a zine, an where's few folks are actually crafting they're own one too apart of the main project.

cheaptoys #6 wich will be a triptych-zine project one before, a 24h zine, and one after this summer in the states.

this fall, I plan to put out some kind of portfolio with the cut& paste shit I made for flyers, CD covers and stuff. it shoudl turn out to be a 1/4 zine with pictures of flyers and show report from 2009-2010 in it.
That's an awesome idea!
Throw them into the riverrr

star blanket river child said:
I have a lot of empty vodka bottles from the days I was underage and couldn't recycle them in my parent's house. for some reason, I've just never let go of them. But I'm running out of space, so I've been trying to come up with a creative use, and recently I've come up with "zine in a bottle." it's just an inkling right now, especially since I don't know how easy they'd be to ship, or if shipping glass is even allowed. But I like the idea of it.
I'd be interested in reading that if you want to trade!

Jechoniah said:
I am just about to release my very first zine! It's on the failings of the current US school system. Um... how do you release a zine?
My current projects are:

- zine about sexism and how it affects men, also gender issues and feminism in general

- Issue #1 of Sleeps With Ghosts, focusing on firsts, rape, bdsm vs. abuse, and other pleasant topics.

- Issue #3 of Beautiful Mess, which is going to be a polaroid zine.

- working on my page for the chain zine that's going around

and non-zine related, I have three sets of dread extensions to make. One for me, one for a friend. and one for a client. Might be going on a winter photography snowshoe safari this or next weekend too, which should be fun.

I am aaaalways busy, heh.
I bought a the first twow issues of Hey 4 eyes, a zine on glasses. depends of the zine, I might not do that again.

sandy said:
Yeh, I'd buy it if the zine was good. I paid US$15 for Arabesque, and it's just an ordinary zine made thicker and with fancier paper.

star blanket river child said:
question: would anyone even buy a $9 (what this person charged, including shipping) bottle/zine thing? any of you?
1. Currently working on mélange #2.

2. Might try making music this year. I did some work for a local producer last year, and watching him do all his production stuff got me wanting to try it too. Our single is coming out in a couple of weeks (that's the plan, anyway).

3. Started a gaming blog - might focus on that for a little bit, until I get more posts up.

4. Thinking of getting an email newsletter going, but still haven't put much thought into it yet.

I'm looking forward to a creative year. ^___^
I just finished layout on Pocket Guide, a 2" x 3" minizine containing my self-care manifesto, and I'm really happy to have that out of my system. Now I'm looking forward to assembling the copies, which will be bound inside paint sample strips.

I'm eager to finish my hand-drawn-and-painted 1/8th size zine about my favorite things. I also need to finish a 1/16th size miniature collage zine, 30 Compositions. And I'm chomping at the bit to finish Frothy #3; I'm only three pages in out of forty. That's gonna be massive, and sooooo cathartic.
Ooo who was that? Do they have stuff online? I'd love to check it out.

Emma Jane Falconer said:
I saw a great drag king comedy magic act recently, the performer was dressed as a sort of moustachioed victorian uncle. It's the type of thing there should be more of.
I recently overhauled my wordpress blogs, making one into a zine/art blog. Right now I have one of my older zines on there and my current zine, but I want to use it for a new per-zine that I'm working on now.

Apocalypsegrrl. wordpress.com


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