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The Moral Dilemma of CreateSpace (and other POD services)

Hi folks-

I've been putting out xerox and ditto zines for years, then more recently a newsprint zine and finally a compilation book. Now, due to being completely broke-ass broke, I am faced with the dilemma of putting my next book on the back burner, or using something like Createspace, which has a really low/no upfront cost. 

I'm not sure which bugs me more, the thought of not getting the book out or the thought of contributing to the Amazon behemoth. I know my local printing company rep and she does an awesome job (much better quality) for me, but I just don't have the bread right now. Have others gone POD for books, and where are you on the moral dilemma of using POD?

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Good one, Mike!

Have you considered crowdfunding it with Indigogo or Kickstarter to get the cash together for a print run?

Hi Elaine-  we did do indiegogos for earlier issues- I just feel like going to the well too often is a bad idea. Although some people like Craphound seem to be able to use it just basically as a pre-sales tool.

I wouldn't worry about the frequency. I know of two artists who go there every time they want to do another print run or metal fabrication.  It isn't an issue.

For example, this lady does a new Kickstarter for each laser cut on acrylic production run. 


I've used blurb.com and lulu.com to print books.  my only dilemma is that they are expensive.  not up front, but per book.  i'm not sure who owns those companies, if they are part of amazon, or what.  but the quality was excellent, the speed of production, all that.  but the PER UNIT price is expensive.

not sure what to tell ya, sorry!



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