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I know this isn't zine related but I know a lot of you on here are snail mailers. I've got quite a bit and I just keep it in a box. I wanna figure out an efficient way to store it and keep it in some sort of order.

Does anyone have any cool tricks/tips on keeping mail organized?

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Accordian file? It's the first thing that popped into my head..

are you talking about fresh mail that you need to reply to?  or stacks of old mail?  I have boxes and boxes of letters, and have finally realized i don't need to save EVERY SINGLE LETTER I GET, but I pretty much do.  In no order at all.

However I keep all my "fresh" mail very organized.  I can't find a picture of the desktop organizer I have, but it is similar to this:  http://www.ergoindemand.com/adjustable-organizer-11-sections-steel-...

The key is to have those upright or vertical slots.  Each time i get a letter i put it in the slot.  the next letter goes the next slot over, and so on.  that way i know what order i got which letter, and can respond in order.  as i respond to a letter i remove it, toss it in a box, and move all the other ones up a spot.  at a glance i can say, "Oh, i've got 7 or 8 letters there to respond to."  Dorky, but has totally worked for me.

Fresh mail. I never ever thought of doing something like that. I think it's just the solution I'm looking for! Thanks


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