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Stolen Sharpie Revolution: A DIY resource for zines and zine culture needs your help...

Sorry if this seems self serving to post about, but I sort of see my project Stolen Sharpie Revolution as a community project and the more info I get from the rad zine community the better it will be!

Stolen Sharpie Revolution is a book I put together as a DIY giude for zines. There have been 3 printings since 2002 and I'm working on the 4th right now. I'm actually calling it Stolen Sharpie Revolution 2 because a lot has changed over the years and I had added a lot of new stuff. The printing has been delayed forever due to a large variety of things... usually money related. But I have the funds together now so here's where I need your help.

In the back of each edition of Stolen Sharpie Revolution I have listings of distros, stores that sell zines, zine libraries, zine events and more. I need you help because I can't really travel all over the world in search of illusive zine events (but that would be awesome!) I need your eyes and ears in the corners of the world to help SSR2 be the best print resource for zines.

I have pretty extensive listings as it is but the more the merrier. I would love it if you would mention shops or distros or whatever in this discussion thread and I'll let you know if they are included. Also, if you have a new distro let me know and I'll let you know the info I need to get it included in SSR2.

Thanks so much for being patient with me!

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They layout is done and I'm waiting to get printing quotes back from the printer. sorry, no more submissions.
Stolen Sharpie Revolution 2: a DIY guide to zines and zine culture is ready for PREORDER!

Since 2002 Stolen Sharpie Revolution has been the ultimate guidebook to all things zine related. This little red book is stuffed with information about zines. Things you may know, stuff you don’t know and even stuff you didn’t know you knew for the beginner to the experienced zinester. Stolen Sharpie Revolution consists of how-to guides on a variety of topics from layout to book binding to paper making, resources online and off, where to find zines, information about zine libraries, how and where to get your zine distributed, reviewed and more!

For 2009 Stolen Sharpie Revolution has been completely rewritten and expanded to 144 pages with new a layout and includes the previous information, updated resource listings for stores, distros, zine events and zine libraries. It will also contain all new sections on zines in academics and education, a guide to the US postal system, what to do at a zinefest, how to start a zine fest, lots of internet resources, and more!

This book has everything you need to get started creating your own zine or to figure out what to do with the zine you already made. Stolen Sharpie Revolution 2 can serve both as an introduction into the wide world of zine culture, and the next step to being a part of it.

Stolen Sharpie Revolution 2: A DIY Guide to zines and zine cultures is now ready for PRE-ORDER! Orders will be shipped in Mid April.

Here's how to get your own copy:

*At at book store or library request the book by title or by this ISBN: 978-0-9817941-0-5

*by mail n the U.S.A:

Put $7 in an envelope and send it here:

Stolen Sharpie Revolution
c/o Lunchroom Publishing
P.O box 17230
Portland, Oregon
97217 USA

*In Canada: $8US postage paid

*Rest of the world: $10US postage paid

*If you use Paypal send to this address: brainscanzineATgmailDOTcom
In the US: $7.50
In Canada: $8.50
rest of the world: $11

*Order from my web site

Small World Buttons

*Order from my

Etsy Shop

Copies will be sent to distros and libraries in late April. Get in touch for wholesale rates if you would like to PREORDER copies for your store or distro: brainscanzineATgmailDOTcom

Stolen Sharpie Revolution is printed with vegetable based inks on 100% recycled paper and bound with animal free glue.
so excited to pick this up!
Stolen Sharpie Revolution 2 ships from the printer tomorrow so I should be sending out those preorders by the end of the week!
1/4 of the Stolen Sharpie Revolution Print run showed up at my house on Thursday. I spent Thursday and Friday morning packing up orders and got about 100 orders out but still have a lot to go. Check out my blog for photos and fun-ness Love Letters to Irony
the MCTC (minneapolis community and technical college) zine library is still up and being added to. you could send issues you'd like to be catalogued to me. sydny77@gmail.com for current address

Arise Bookstore is a great resource to checkout when in town. synthia nicole

Hello! I'm actually working on a reprint of Stolen Sharpie Revolution! It's the 5th edition and we need your help with the kickstarter!

Stolen Sharpie Revolution (5th edition) Kickstarter Update!

We have 18 days to go and I wanted to post a little run down of the progress.

So, I’m going to make this chronological list of notable things so far:

  • Day 3: The Stolen Sharpie Revolution Kickstarter became a “Staff Pick” on Kickstarter AND we hit the first $1,000. Stoked!
  • Day 7: We hit 25% of our total total and I started using doubled sided tape instead of glue sticks.
  • Day 8: We hit 33% of our goal and I launched a tumblr giveaway. Check it out on tumblr and feel free to reblog for a chance to win ...
  • Day 10: I finished with all of the content layout! The page count for the 5th edition of Stolen Sharpie Revolution will either be 152 or 160 pages depending on a few things that are yet to be determined.
  • Day 12: We reached 100 backers!

I’m hoping to break the half-way point: $3,000 or more this weekend. I’d love it if you could help me reach that goal!

Check out the kickstarter here.

in zines we trust,

Alex Wrekk


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