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Hi! :)

I was just wondering if anyone else was an avid user of blogs and stuff.Blogs are great.I know some people may have their blogspot sites and their tumblrs but yeah,go for it.

Mine is iwillselfdestruct.tumblr.com

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I have a blog dedicated to submission calls for compilation zines:  http://compilationstation.wordpress.com
I have a general blog. It's not about any subject in particular, although it's named after my zine: Breakfast at Twilight.
I have an interview site/blog: QuestionRiot.com -- there are interviews with some zine people, and a bunch of comic artists, and then some other interviews too.

My main blog where I do zine reviews and announcements for my own zine is http://reclusiveobscenities.blogspot.com/

My main tumblr is http://reclusiveobscenities.tumblr.com/ and I'm also a contributor to http://welovezines.tumblr.com/

http://www.overglued.com/ is all about zines and indie comics news, reviews, and interviews 


http://www.thirstydudes.com/ is a non-alcoholic drink review blog

http://blatantblithe.wordpress.com is my personal blog - it's an honest blog about music, zines, university, feminism and personal growth. :)


I blog at livejournal. You can find me here: http://eruannatel.livejournal.com/
My layout is currently not working real well, but you can still see the entries lol. Im always looking for more LJ friends so give me an add if you like!

wow i just started a blog the other day http://harveymeowrobinson.tumblr.com/ click on the link and find out why....

I have a blog about art. I do some zine reviews, I'd like to start doing more.



I write for Feminists for Choice, which is (in my clearly biased opinion) an excellent blog about feminist issues and current events.


I also really enjoy my friend's blog, Syracusean in Seattle. She has lots of veggie recipes and discusses her adventures living in Seattle for grad school.

I have a personal blog


and a blog for my main zine functionally ill


which I'd love for you to visit.

i like ur blog "My father came home early with an ice cooler full of frozen meat."
K.P. said:
My personal blog is a cave of mindless gifs, depressing mixtapes, and nonsense. Here it is: PSEUDOVISUAL. I'm going to check out the rest of this thread and follow you cool cats.

i have several blogs, dedicated to various things!


my livejournal, which has mostly turned into weekly picture posts from my life - usually filled with photos of punk shows, zine fest planning, dinners out with friends, my dog, and my nanny kids:  http://ramseysux.livejournal.com


my art blog where i post illustrations and comics and freelance work



my workout blog where i talk about doing crossfit, a bootcamp style workout. haha.



and tumblr, where i reblog stuff and post really poor quality cell phone pics



my life is all over the internet. i have no idea what that says about me.

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