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I'm starting work on a zine about being vegetarian/vegan and I'm looking for people to be interviewed or just answer a few questions.
I know there's already a lot of veg literature out there but much of it is strongly political or extreme enough that the casual meat-eater won't even pick it up.  I'm hoping for this to be more of a gentler entry-guide and something I can promote to the kids and teens at my craft fairs and workshops.  Basically just asking regular people who don't eat meat why they don't and what they do eat and things like that.  Questions that the regular person might have.


I know when my friend came to visit a few years ago before I turned veg again my dad genuinely didn't know what she ate.  To him a meal was always potatoes or corn or a bun or whatever on the side of chicken or pork.  Without the meat there he just didn't know what went on the plate.  It's that kind of mindset that I'm looking to target and open a discussion with rather than handing people on the street pamphlets of pigs being slaughtered and expecting that to suddenly make them change.

If you're cool with participating post your e-mail here or drop me a line at info@brokenarts.ca and I'll get back to you once I decide on my initial outline.



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hi! i'd be interested in participating on your project :)
i've started cutting down on meat about 5 years ago, and i've been "meat-free" since last january. there's still a long way to be "fully" vegetarian, but i hope to get there one day.
i sure can relate to the example of your friend visiting you and stuff, as i've had the same "problems" while i'm eating at friends or even going out to eat at non-vegetarian/vegan restaurants.
if you're interested in the perspective of a non-US vegetarian-wannabe haha, here's my email:
zineproject2009 AT gmail DOT com
I'm lazy and I'd rather just say, "Look around 'My Page' and use what you want wherever on the Net I've written, but I'd be willing to do an interview if you like. Via e-mail would be fine.

I'm a vegan, and unlike many vegans seem to be, I'm not down on vegetarians. (I was one for a long time.)

My e-mail: jamesndawson@yahoo.com
hi, maybe try vegaroo - they've been having Vegan Bake Sales in Sydney recently and she's been posting lots of vegan news on her twitter feed. I think the bake sale might be a good article.

twitter : http://twitter.com/vegaroo
website : http://vegaroo.com
Do contributor's get a copy? If not, how much is one, and would you accept a trade? If you use my interview, please include my physical address and the website I wrote under it. Thanks.
I should be able to afford a free copy for contributors. It probably won't come to more than a dollar or two per copy.
Hi I'm a vegetarian and starting my transition to being vegan. Would be very interested to participate. =)
I would definitely be interested in participating. I too, have encountered "problems" with meat eaters misunderstanding my vegetarianism, but have also found that it is usually not an issue. I have a non militant easy going attitude toward food, and would be glad to share my perspective. Thanks, dbpayne1@insightbb.com
Yo, i'll answer questions! i've been vegetarian for over 10 years. I tried being vegan a few times, and was really unhealthy about it. But now I've been vegan for almost a year, and am doing it in a really healthy way, which is great! Last night me and some friends made our own pasta and salads and had a great night! I get excited about eating, which never used to happen.

a big key to being "good" at being vegetarian, or vegan, is not to guilt yourself too hard. every now and then i'll eat some cheese or something, and i'm ok with that. (I used to get really down on myself if i broke my 'vegan edge', which lead to me just being a depressed vegan for a month, then completely relapsing to vegetarian). now days i'm a happy vegan! and if i eat a couple slices of non-vegan pizza throughout the course of a year, i'll still be super happy.

oh, but btw, i make AWESOME vegan pizza! it's all about Daiya cheese!
oh, ps, a lot of the same could be said about going from meat-eater to non. if you want a burger, have one! i think the real key to our planet being a better place is for the entire population to start cutting back. if you eat burgers every day, it ruins the planet, and your health. if EVERYONE just eased back, everything would get better.

but for me, the less animal products i consume, the better i feel. i'm healthier than i've ever been.
i would love to contribute to this. i have been vegetarian for 14 years, and vegan for 2. my partner is vegan. and i would really enjoy commenting on approaches to cooking, growing, and the different avenues available for where and when to buy your food. plus it'd be fun to do some neat approaches/lists/reviews of contacts you've made while adapting to this lifestyle! i'm down, for sure. breechumley@yahoo.com
I'd be happy to answer questions or whatever. My 10 year veganniversary is at the end of the month.

P.S. I killed a mosquito on my arm while writing this and now I feel like a poseur.
Hey! I've been veg for a few months now. My e-mail is seabreezekids@gmail.com.

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