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I'm starting work on a zine about being vegetarian/vegan and I'm looking for people to be interviewed or just answer a few questions.
I know there's already a lot of veg literature out there but much of it is strongly political or extreme enough that the casual meat-eater won't even pick it up.  I'm hoping for this to be more of a gentler entry-guide and something I can promote to the kids and teens at my craft fairs and workshops.  Basically just asking regular people who don't eat meat why they don't and what they do eat and things like that.  Questions that the regular person might have.


I know when my friend came to visit a few years ago before I turned veg again my dad genuinely didn't know what she ate.  To him a meal was always potatoes or corn or a bun or whatever on the side of chicken or pork.  Without the meat there he just didn't know what went on the plate.  It's that kind of mindset that I'm looking to target and open a discussion with rather than handing people on the street pamphlets of pigs being slaughtered and expecting that to suddenly make them change.

If you're cool with participating post your e-mail here or drop me a line at info@brokenarts.ca and I'll get back to you once I decide on my initial outline.



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It's so crazy that this is the first time I've been to the forum and find "Starting work on a vegetarian zine", since that's exactly what I've been working on this summer. Anyway, I would love to participate in your project. I stopped eating meat in May, was a pescatarian/fishatarian until July, and now I'm a full-fledged vegetarian. So I'm pretty new to this diet/lifestyle, but I've been doing pretty well with the transition. My e-mail is heapinhedonism@yahoo.com
I've been vegan for about 5 years now and would be happy to contribute.
Hello Harley,
this sounds like a great idea, especially in your intention to make the subject more approachable, so I'd love to contribute :) I've been veggie for 22 months.
Feel free to drop me a message here when anything develops :)
I would be glad to join you in this project.

During my first year of university (Last year) I had turned into a vegetarian. Ironically, it happened by accident at first, and then upon eating meat, I began to become sick, causing me to become a full vegetarian. After about six months of that, I started to go vegan.

Upon coming back to my parent's house for the summer for work, my mother and father created their own special "intervention" where they had forced me to start eating meat again. They are both people that believe that half the plate for every meal (That does include breakfast) should be meat. It's horrible for the planet and I really wish they would cut back. Personally, I have hardly touched meat since I have come back since when I go back to university I will be following a vegan lifestyle right away.

I know the main force of the diet is health since I get sick after eating meat, but essentially it has the same issues when meat-eaters hear about it. I find that no matter the drive for going vegetarian or vegan, the reaction is always the same, and it's a horrible thing. Hopefully next year when I come back for work again, I will stand my ground more.

My email is dhregular@gmail.com if you are interested in involving me.
I'm up to 20 contributors now so I think that's a good cut-off point.

Thanks everyone for the interest. I'll be starting principal work in the next week or so and should have it fully done for the Handmade On Parade zine fair in Waterloo, Ontario on October 2nd.

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