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... who might be a suitable person to address a public made up of largely zine novices, in a reasonably scholarly fashion, on the subject of zine history, why DIY, etc?


I ask because I'm helping to organise this event called 'Editions of You': http://ah.brookes.ac.uk/event/editions_of_you_at_the_o3_gallery_2011/


And we want to do this properly, with credit going to the right people.

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Fred Wright, maybe, but I'm not sure if he'll tell you what you want to hear.
What about Peter Bryant? http://peterbryant.smegradio.com/

Alison Piepmeier, who wrote "Girl Zines"? That was a very well-researched, well written book with proper credit everywhere. I have no idea how to contact her, though.


Or what about a long-time zinester who has been involved forever? I don't know anyone personally in the UK who fits that description, but I think a zinester (or zinester-academic) would be a better choice than someone whose interest is strictly academic.

Chip Rowe, who wrote The Book of Zines and maintains the meaty website of the same name. Longtime zine advocate... although you probably don't have the budget to fly him to the UK.

Thanks guys - will follow up these suggestions.


And Erica, absolutely its important to have a view that is more than strictly academic, but there will be a variety of speakers on the subject, and some have a very hands-on experience of zines and DIY culture.

check out Stephen Duncombe
he wrote the book Notes from Underground: Zines and the Politics of Alternative Culture


Preferably someone in the UK? Do you care more about the talking to novices part or the reasonably scholarly? If it's the former, maybe Isy Morgenmuffel? The latter, Jackie Batey? Or maybe Cecile Guillemet from the Fanzinotheque in France?

If you can bring someone over from North America, my suggestions are Jerianne Thompson, Kate Eichhorn, Janice Radway, and I second Alison Piepmeier. I can help you get in touch with any of these folks if you need it.



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