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My zine is called Fanzine Ynfytyn, I've only been making it for about four years, and I'm currently on issue 8, so I don't think it's well known or widely read, so I could easily change the name. It's named after a song by the Welsh-language post-punk band Datblygu about a repulsive teenaged boy scribbling away at his music zine, thinking he's the new Nick Kent/King Morrissey II. Only one person has ever got the title, and most people have trouble pronouncing it unless they're welsh. If I changed the name, the content would still be the same (unspeakably silly short stories, articles about whatever takes my fancy, vegetarian/vegan recipes for indulgent food, photos, bad drawings, etc, etc).

So what do you think, time to change the name?

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If you have a better title in mind I say go for it. However if the title means something to you then you should keep it no matter what anyone thinks. Personally I have no idea how to pronounce it so i would say change it assuming you haven't already spent thousands making t shirts or something. But like I say, if the title means a lot to you then keep it no matter what.
it's prnounced roughly nvetin (@nvetIn in x-sampa if you like) it's a welsh word which means idiot
i know the song and quite like welsh being generally used and thought about outside of wales but i guess thats personal.

also i quite like continuity in a weird fan/collector way so i wouldnt really change a zine's name that has been going for a while and hasnt changed in content.
i have to say, i like the name, although i now know i pronounce it completely wrong! (in my head it sounds like yin-fih-tin). and now that i know what it means, i like it even more.
change it, it may alienate first time readers.
if i can't read the name of the zine i pick up i may never pick it up.
id say keep it. you wanna get as many no.s of you zine out, if you start with a new name you'd have to go back to #1 again wouldnt you?
i wouldnt mind what that last guy said. titles that people dont recognise stand out more.
also anyone ever heard of Fugazi? i certainly never heard of the word before the band.
Thanks for all your suggestions, I didn't reply because I wasn't online for a few days, I think I'll keep the title as it is then ..
King Morrissey II, haha. I think unique names are excellent. Maybe you could subtitle it or something, if you think it's confusing people. "Onewordtitle: A longish subtitle that explains it" is all the rage in books, anyway. Or just on the inside cover somewhere, give the back-story. I always like to learn where names have come from, especially when they're from another language.
Before I read the thread, I was going to put in a vote for changing it. It's not just that it's hard for people to pronounce, it's also that the spelling is hard to remember. Sometimes I see something--in a store or that a friend owns--and then I want to look it up or order a copy for myself, but I can't look something up that I can't spell.
if u do have a problem with it, you shud have the next issue with the same title and make it clear to your readers that you will be changing the name of you zines from then on. but don't change it if others have issues pronouncing it and all. it makes it interesting as to see what's inside your work. i always stop at at any intersting title, let alone one i cannot pronounce.



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