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I was personally wondering if any zines out there were looking for contributors. I'm sure there are others wondering the same. So then: anyone need someone who writes reviews (of zines, music, movies, books, websites, etc.), personal essays and the occasional fiction or poetry?

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hi :)
i am seeking submissions for my upcoming zine about riot grrrl. it can be any sort of submission :)
I'd love some poetry to put in my zine "ziney zine".
I'm looking for submissions for a one-off zine called I'm Not Like Other Girls.

What I want women and girls to do is to complete the sentence,
"I'm not like other girls because..."

I will make a zine of the responses.

The sentence will appear randomly placed, with all credits at the end, so your sentence and your credit aren't linked. This may help you to be more open, and the zine will flow much better too.

They may be categorised by theme, but that will depend on the submissions.

If you want to contribute, email me at incurable.hippie@googlemail.com

1) Put 'I'm not like other girls' in the subject line.
2) Email me your sentence (I'm not like other girls because...)
3) Tell me if you want to be anonymous.
4) If you want to be credited, tell me how (name / pseudonym, name of zine, etc)
5) If you want to receive a contributors' copy when it's ready, tell me your address too.

I can't guarantee your words will be put in the zine, but it's very likely. I only want submissions from women and girls.

Lulu, you sound like JUST the person we would like to hear from at Flaneur magazine! We would especially like some cultural reviews. Your non-European viewpoint would help balance our Euro-centric whitterings. I see there are plenty of people before us on the yes-please list, but keep Flaneur in mind!
editor@flaneur.me.uk - if you are inspired!



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