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I do Comic Zines (sorry) and have a character in a continueing story who is a person with disabilities.I am looking for some insight and idea's on what it's like,problem's faced within the scene or not,etc.,to add some reality and perhap's understanding to the strip.It is self published,and adult.Her name is Allyssa,and she is a non-racist skinette dating an anthropomorphic cat.If this didn't scare you off,I can pay anyone interested in copies.

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that's great that you think your zine is drawn well.

That.....sounds sort of snarky.  There are all levels of artistic ability. If the cartoonist likes the look of their comic, they like it.  If others like it, then isn't that the whole point?


Look how simple Simon's Cat is drawn, minimalistic, yet it's got a huge following.  The Far Side is the same way - just simple lines.  I've seen some detailed cartoons which had to have taken the artist a LONG time to do that didn't get the point across as well.  It's all in the eye of the beholder.

i just looked at simon's cat on youtube,and i can say without a doubt i am never taking your advice again.


It's got a huge following.  What advice did I give you?  All I pointed out was that artistic ability often doesn't come into play with those who follow a creation.

the advice i was talking about was to take "simon's cat" as an example-i actually watched it and it seemed pretty pathetic,in my opinion.you are right though,i would go so far as to say that that is the essence of cartooning-maximum impact with a minimum amount of lines,and it's definitely a matter of opinion.i would use an example like Otto Dix or something,though-something as hastily drawn and patently commercial as "simon's cat"just really doesn't seem even worth citing as an example-i mean,"Ziggy" has a huge following,but it shouldn't be drawn.But,you are absolutely correct,my comment was asshole-ish.I guess when she said "so there",i just figured it was alright to say-I tried to delete it,but my computer is 11 year's old.On the other hand,if a zine isn't crafted well enough,should the person really be encouraged to keep producing sub-par material,or what?To me,one of the best part's of self publishing is leaving yourself open to peoples opinion's,right or wrong.Not that that's the case with the artist,but just in general.Plenty of people tell me my zine suck's all the time-I don't really take it personally.


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