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What do you do differently for second print runs (or third, etc) of your

I'm gearing up to do a second print run of my first zine, Mannequin Reject #1, and wondering this:

Would it be wrong to edit out things that are dated, like reviews of distros which have closed?  It's been 5 years since the original print run and I'm thinking of removing the reviews section entirely because future zines won't have it and it would save me some cents on printing.  (It's a 36 page zine and reviews take up about 6 or 8 pages).  There's also reviews of zines by ex-zinesters.  The reviews are crappy, hand-written last-minute thoughts and I don't think they add any real value to the zine.

My second print run is going to be smaller, my first run was 50 and this one may be like 15 so I can keep my Etsy store stocked.  (It's not stocked right now because I'm down to 4 copies).

Also, I'm gearing up to release my second zine, which will have a smaller print run than the first.  (Not so many people are getting free copies this time, and this zine isn't debuting at a zine fest like the first one did, either.)

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No, I don't think that would be wrong at all! Many of us recognize that our first zines were...shall I say, not everything we'd wish them to be, when we look back on them from several years vantage point. And anything from 5 years ago is bound to have some things out of date. I'd say go ahead and update, and delete whatever you're not especially proud of.
It sounds like it would be a good idea to cut the reviews. It seems to me like it's really just an issue of what you want the function of the zine to be. If it's to communicate about some topic, do whatever communicates best about that topic (including making it fewer pages just to make it easier to make and share more copies). It seems like you should only leave the zine exactly as is if you're really trying to preserve the zine and the historical moment of it's first publication.
Awesome, I'm going to ditch the reviews and a couple sentences about an exboyfriend! (I've been editing out the ex with black marker anyway) This is making me excited XD
it's YOUR zine, it's never wrong to do what YOU want with it. i edit mine all the time. some things i leave in, because i like that i captures who i was at that moment. but i change outdated info, update my address, edit any grammar stuff i find, things like that. i usually put in some where, "2nd printing" or something as well, just because i like to keep track of that stuff.



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