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Hi everyone,

I am an architecture student from the UK.  I love zines and I love their ability to transfer ideas, information and creativity through an analogue process.  This year I have decided to use the method of zines to describe free space and creativity in my thesis.

Today it is ever more significant that zines are carried as spaces through time.  We rely on digital process so much that analogue, physical processes are becoming secondary.  I genuinely believe in the value of this romantic process and have therefore started an experiment which I would love many people to be a part of.

I have created design laboratories, in the form of blank zines, which will travel across places capturing peoples moments in time.  The laboratory is called SCREAM:

S-LAB: Sublime Laboratoy

C-LAB: Creative Laboratory

R-LAB: Romantic Laboratory

E-LAB: Expressionist Laboratory

A-LAB: Activist Laboratory

M-LAB: Moving Laboratory

300 books will be placed within space.  Some will be passed along.  Some will be left.  Some will be lost.  Some will be returned.

This is an experiment in creativity and autonomy of space.  It is an experiment in the fragile relationship between the digital and analogue process, virtual and physical spaces.  This website is a part of it, as I am using it to connect with creative minds.  I have set up a blog and an email address to work alongside this.  People can register their receipt of the zines by writing on the blog.  The zines can be tracked through space in this way.  The blog is a valuable
method of using virtual space to interact with physical space.

I want to chase the sublime.  The sublime is a process of interactions between fantasy, perception and reality.  The sublime is temporary.  It is the creation if intense relationships between things.  This is my perception if it.  I would love to know what other people think about the different labs.

I want to send out these zines to anyone who would like to be a part of this.  I have 2 months in which to receive these zines back.  In this time, I hope that the zines will be passed along to people until complete or done by an individual until complete.  I'm sure some will be lost on the way but I hope that people will send them back so that I can exhibit them in my exhibition at the end of the year.  I will be exhibiting everything I receive back in a gallery in Manchester and London.  I will photocopy my results and send them to all who participated and all who are interested in carrying it further.  My blog is http://screamlab.blogetery.com.  My email address is scream.lab@live.co.uk.  Contact me via this, the blog or email!

Thanks so much to all who respond!


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Ooh this sounds really interesting :D so it's kind of like the 'chain-zine' type thing, but you'll also leave some around and just see what happens to them? Kind of like that artist that draws on bits of card and hides / places them in random places for people to find hehe. Sounds awesome :)
Ohhhh I love the way you're thinking about this, very inspired. Count me in. I'll send you an email.
Hey guys,

Thanks a lot for responding! Lee, it is like a chain-zine thing. Some will have more control than others, in terms of where they are sent. Joseph and Katie, thanks! I'll be updating you soon and hopefully sending the zines out asap. If you know of any others that might be interested then let me know! Thanks again. Peace. x
I am totally up for this too. Send me a message or whatever.



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