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This is a small community, so I want to get some opinions on this.

There is a member of this community (on WMZ) who runs a distro.  I ordered some stuff from her.  I didn't get it, so I wrote to her--twice.  She wrote back to me saying, "Sorry, I'll put it in the mail tomorrow."  I never got anything, so I wrote again.  And again.  And again.  She completely ignored  me, and was clearly lying about sending the order.  So I had to open a Pay Pal dispute, and then she *lied to PayPal* about sending my order.  I never received anything.

Today, the Pay Pal dispute was resolved in my favor.  I am debating outing this girl and her distro.  I think in the interest of protecting the zine community, you should know this girl and her distro so you won't get stuck in the same situation I was in.  However, this is a small community, so I wanted to get opinions on this.


Do you want to know which distro/member scammed me?

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Seems fair to notify a moderator so this episode doesnt repeat with another person

You can add "Fall of Autumn" to the list of scam distros. They still owe me $6.35 from a year and a half ago. Alex Wrekk says they've been inactive for years, but the site is still there and their inventory still says they have zines in stock and their PayPal account is still active to receive money from the naive and gullible. And they never respond to emails or snail mails.

Zine World used to recommend that you order a zine you want from the author of the zine and be wary of distros. It's good advice. There seem to be a lot of fly-by-night distros. I'm not saying they're started with the intent to deceive, I imagine they start with great enthusiasm and the best of intentions. It just seems so easy for the person who runs the distro to lose interest in the project and just laugh off any complaints about orders not being fulfilled. It's all just chump change, right?



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