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This is a small community, so I want to get some opinions on this.

There is a member of this community (on WMZ) who runs a distro.  I ordered some stuff from her.  I didn't get it, so I wrote to her--twice.  She wrote back to me saying, "Sorry, I'll put it in the mail tomorrow."  I never got anything, so I wrote again.  And again.  And again.  She completely ignored  me, and was clearly lying about sending the order.  So I had to open a Pay Pal dispute, and then she *lied to PayPal* about sending my order.  I never received anything.

Today, the Pay Pal dispute was resolved in my favor.  I am debating outing this girl and her distro.  I think in the interest of protecting the zine community, you should know this girl and her distro so you won't get stuck in the same situation I was in.  However, this is a small community, so I wanted to get opinions on this.


Do you want to know which distro/member scammed me?

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Factsheet 5 used to call out "delinquent zinesters" by name all the time.  It seems like a necessary practice & it looks to me like you tried to resolve it privately.

I think that's an excellent point.  I'll wait to hear a few more opinions.

In the meantime, you should also know that she has an active Etsy website and she hasn't appeared to have any problems shipping *those* orders out.  So it's not just some kind of life glitch--she ignored and then actively lied about my order--twice!

I'd prefer you say who it is so people know who it's NOT to be quite honest.   I'd rather not people think that it could potentially be my distro or any distro that I know is legit.

I know it's awkward.  I have a small stack of zine orders I've never received, & have just decided to let them go, not wanting to step on toes or bruise egos.  I used to put out a brief colum called "Delinquent Zinesters" but that's fallen by the wayside.  I think there've been other discussions on WMZ dealing with this.  I think you're totally in line naming names, and the person you're naming needn't take it personally, and offer an explanation if she has one.

It's not just non-delivery of paid-for zines, but starting distro & zines libraries & taking submissions & donations before you've thought about your time & resources & calling for submissions & never doing the zine you're saying you're all excited about.  I don't want to sound all mean and hardnose, but hey, I think zinesters have to have a little courtesy and responsibility toward one another, & when they don't, it's legit to call 'em on it, & name names.

I think its important to name names so nobody else falls for the same. money is tight these days. And if she lied about your ordered *twice* than shes comfortable about ripping ppl off.
What Nicole said.

NicoleIntrovert said:
I'd prefer you say who it is so people know who it's NOT to be quite honest.   I'd rather not people think that it could potentially be my distro or any distro that I know is legit.
will you let her know you're 'outing' her, and give a right to reply?
I have already written her and given her an opportunity to explain herself. It's probably my 9th e-mail to her. She has responded only to my 2nd e-mail (with a blatant lie). She's had plenty of opportunities. She doesn't deserve any further courtesies.

Furthermore, any "explanation," besides being extraordinarily tardy, will not hold water. Unless she's faking her Etsy feedback, during this same period of time, she's had no problem filling those orders or communicating with those customers. This is a scamstress who was counting on my having less tenacity in pursuing a refund.

Okay, well, I thought about everything you guys said, and I decided to name names.  See who it is in my new blog post:  http://wemakezines.ning.com/profiles/blogs/gigglebot-a-distro-to-avoid


Thanks for your perspectives, zinesters!  I don't like being lied to, but it was a learning experience anyway, I guess.

Update:  In consideration of Michael's point, I e-mailed Jess of Gigglebot and alerted her to my review.
Kudos for making it funny and entertaining to read!

She still owes me $12 for zines never delivered. I've emailed and snail-mailed more than once. This sort of thing leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. Her site is gone now, at least, so it's not cheating anyone else. In googling for info about her it appears that her dad died about a year or two ago. If that's so I'm very sorry, but it doesn't excuse not giving any public notice of her discontinuing her distro.



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