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Dear Zinesters -

I'm currently writing my dissertation on Sappho (for those of you who don't know, shes a truly excellent poet from Lesbos in the sixth century BC and well worth reading) and want to put in somewhere a reference to Sappho in zine, lesbian and riotgrrl culture. I know that in the eighties there was a zine called Sappho and one called Sappho's sisters but I was wondering if anyone might know any zine, or song, or anything! that references her. Even if it's just in passing or in something you have written yourself I'd be massively grateful if you could point me to it. Obviously anything I include will be referenced so vague dates would be helpful too.

Thank you!
So much!

(also, I'm not sure how much I'm expecting to find here but something is better than nothing ! )

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you got to be kidding me. i've been obsessed with her and her works since junior year in hs. haha. I have a story/account of some sort that I kinda alluded to her but it was more like a personla account on being in an all-girls' school... email me if you are interested... and I'll also try to see if I can still dig out some poetry stuff we did of her like waaaaay back :)


`Denise Francisco
whoa, i reprinted a poem from sappho in my second zine ever! done in 1996. i was 14. it was just a little fragment, i believe it went "people do gossip/and they say about leda, that she once/found an egg amongst the hyacinths" which i thought was beautiful and strange and worthy of reprinting then. i called her "the first open lesbian, or something." ha!

i don't have a copy of that zine, though :(
I believe my friend Karen F. reprinted a poem by Sappho (or at least a poem fragment) in one of her issues of Bi-Girl World, published in the early 1990s. Alas, my copies of her zines were donated to a zine library somewhere along the way. I do still have her email address. Please let me know if you want me to look it up and send it your way.
thank you all so much for your help! god, isn't sappho great?!
i could talk bout her and her work all day...

you're litte stars.
Wow, I've never written anything on Sappho besides uni papers... and that was a few years ago, but I have an amazing textbook from "Sexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome" (or Ancient Porn as we used to call it). I'll see if I can find it and scan in the pages on Sappho for you :)


PS I know my lecturer wouldn't mind me doing so, he's awesome.



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