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I'm organizing a Sacramento/Davis/NorCal Zine Symposium similar to the one in Portland. This would be a zine swap of sorts featuring some speakers and workshops for those who aren't as familiar with the DIY publication culture. I'd like to a get a group of people together to help me out, and I'm going to start holding meetings pretty regularly. We're in the copulation stages right now, so I'm looking for people to help be organization directors and get the basics down. We need to finalize a venue, find some workshop leaders, get vendors, blabla. If you're interested in either being a vendor or direcot, e-mail me back at shabasu@ucdavis.edu. Our first meeting is going to be on February 11th (Wednesday) at Delta of Venus (122 B St. in Davis, CA) at 6PM. Hit me up for your down to hook up with hella zinesters across yolo/solano/sacto county. I'll give out more info later.



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I think you're right in searching for new identities for these type of things. I was thinking of calling it the Norcal Zine Expo (which is what I wrote on the flier). Basically, after our first meeting we'll have a better idea of what we want to call it. But I think Symposium is something that people in the zine community know about and are automatically excited to be a part of. It's a way to get interests, at least.

I'm glad you'll be coming :))

Joe Biel said:
This is awesome! I'm excited to see just how many upstart conferences appear day after day!

An excuse to visit the (greater) Bay Area is never needed but never hurts! I hope to make it!

I always think it's funny how "Zine Symposium" becomes a franchise brand and organizers just make their own conference as a "Zine Symposium". When we started the Zine Symposium, we deliberated about names across many meetings, and I honestly think we only decided on that through the process of fillibustering. I would prefer to see more creative names for events. I personally always thought it should have been the much nerdier "Portland ZineCon". Symposium implies a level of intellectualism that isn't always there. It's there in theory but rarely in the programming for events like this.

Am I overthinking this?
hi, I will try and be there on wednesday if even a little bit late due to work (taking bus from downtown).

i wasnt able to attend that meeting on wednesday, but would like to help in anyway I can. please feel free to let me know. PS i think sac is kionda dry right now in terms of zines, maybe that can change
Hah! Sarah, I know the feeling. I remember years back when I would travel to zine shows in the East (Beantown Zinetown in Boston in particular), I would pass out flyers for the Portland Zine Symposium. A few people were really excited about it, until they realized I wasn't talking about Portland, MAINE. "Well, now you have an excuse to visit Portland, OREGON!" I would reply. Hopefully there won't be confusion with Sacramento, since as far as I know Cali's got the only one.

And I think it's really great that more and more zine shows are popping up. It's good to be able to have a way to directly connect with the people making zines.

One word of advice: try not to have your dates conflict with other zine/comics events, even if you think the other event may be "too far away". People do travel from far and wide for zine events, and it sucks to have to choose between two possibly awesome events. (One of these days I might even do a tour hitting up all the different events in North America. I'll have to quit my job first, though.)
Ya, we should try to have the next meeting in Sac. You could swap meetings, one in Sac, the next in Davis, and then sac, and so on, so everyone has a chance to come. I only ride a bike, so getting to davis is either a matter of paying for amtrak or having a patchkit and a hand pump handy.

What was established at the first meeting?
I sent my second email trying to get aa vendor table. is there someone else I should be talkiong to?
You are registered, I should have replied sorry.

stayPOSI said:
I sent my second email trying to get aa vendor table. is there someone else I should be talkiong to?


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