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republishing your print zine online -- here's one solution

Maybe this has been brought up here already but I just stumbled across Issuu.com.

At a glance it appears that full publications are online here (in a nice format too). Publishers are uploading stuff themselves but I haven't yet determined if any of it is simply user-uploaded (which, of course, wouldn't be particularly cool). But there's a lot of interesting stuff to browse through.

Here's a bit more info over at the Zine Arcade site:

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I took a quick look Zine Arcade, and it's "submit" page, and the impression I get is that you'd have to have high speed & much more technical savvy than I do to submit zines. Also many of my zines have more than 4 to 6 pages so does that mean they won't take them? Or are they just asking for a sample, and may take a whole zine after they look at it and see that it meets their requirments?

I remember seeing in Zine World a few years back, in a list of zine libraries, one that will scan your zine and put it on-line. I've been unable to find it again, but I'm sure it'll turn up with more searching. I hope to get as many of my zines to them as possible. I very much like the idea of scanned zines on-line, that can be printed out (very preferably double-sided, just like the original), but I don't want to mess with getting them there myself, other than snail-mailing them.

I bought a Lexmark scanner/copier/printer/fax from a discount mail order company, Heartland America, but could never get it to work, even after doing my best to follow e-mailed instructions from the company's tech support. This was years ago. Most of the time it just sat there. I didn't have the time or energy to try to mess with it. It was "reconditioned" and somebody suggested I should probably just right it off as a lemon and get another one, but I heard at least one story of someone else who had a lot of trouble with a similar machine.

Somewhere on this forum, somebody wrote that scanning a zine takes a long time, hours I think he said. But this puzzles me because the Xerox machine I use at Staples seems to scan a page prior to printing in a couple seconds, maybe less. Are the processes for photocopy scanning and scanning for on-line storage different? I was enthusiastic about the possibility of my zines being scanned, but maybe it's more time and labor intensive than I thought, so I shouldn't expect too much at this point.

Also, while printing out some PDF's of on-line zines have been pretty easy and trouble-free, others were nearly impossible. Guy Lillian sent me announcements of his on-line zine for years, and I truly tried to download and print them, but for any number of technical glitches, I've never been able to. I even tried dowloading it onto a flopply at my library, whiche has high speed, but even that didn't work. I have no idea why.

I'm trying to be optimistic about this, but I'm cautious at this point.

Photo scanners generally tend to take more time for scanning than photocopiers. I assume it's because they're more finely tuned and gather much more information. Likewise, a color photocopier takes longer than a b&w photocopier (well, at least the last time I used a color one, although that's actually been some years now). Also, I'm guessing the most expensive scanner probably is much faster than the cheapest scanner (and a brand new scanner is probably faster than one that's 10 years old) so a lot can depend on the equipment chosen too.


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