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Rejection Zine - contributors needed - I need your rejection letters!


I've had a sudden wave of inspiration! I'm going to make a zine of rejection correspondence. From jobs, education to love and friendship and everything in between. I may separate them into different zines - not sure yet - depends on the volume of material i receive.

So, I need you rejection letters, emails and notes! Either in hard copy (I will send back) or a scanned copy. Any anonymity required just let me know and I'll block it out.

Everyone who sends stuff in, let me know what details you want to appear on the contributor page - i.e; name, web, email, address, zines etc.

Any help much appreciated!

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this sounds really cool. I would definatly be interested in reading it, but I'm not sure where any of my letters are. It's mostly just job stuff that I throw out.
this actually sounds like something i could contribute to!! i really like this idea!
hey, thanks for the shout-out! the teacher is an unprofessional jackass. i told him that directly as well. the student who "apologized" also wasn't skimpy with the insults, to the point that i had to ban his e-mail address. seems like that class on zines didn't teach much about actual class.

PS--i don't think it counts because i did not send anyone a "rejection letter". i can hardly reject zines that were not actually sent to me. i merely asked the students to put me in touch with the teacher, on the grounds that grading students on finding distribution for their zines is like grading a creative writing student (which i once was) on getting published--ludicrous & irresponsible. the students did not seem to understand that when i provided them helpful links to my submissions guidelines, they were welcome to employ them & actually send me the zines for which they sought distribution, nor that my attempts to communicate with teacher were attempts to safeguard their grades against an incompetent teacher who set an (admittedly, by your statement that most students received "polite no thank yous") impossible assignment.

i have transcripts too that can back this all up, as well as many testimonials from people who actually know the first thing about zines & have seen the e-mails, supporting my assertion that the teacher is an incompetent jackass. damn straight i called the english department about this shit. the distro is my job, & the e-mails i received amounted to little more than harrassment, which could have easily been remedied by a competent instructor educating his students about the most basic elements of distro submission etiquette.



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