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Zinesters: I've got a question for you.

How do you incorporate photographs into your work in a way that looks nice - not washed out at all? Do you absolutely have to print each copy with some kind of graphics program? I mean some photocopy machines do photocopy remarkably well these days, but I'm not sure if just any photo would copy anywhere close to as well. 

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Asking because I haven't been able to find any real information on how to do this.

I was wondering how do you publish your zines so do you use photoshop? word? typewriter and cut and paste? Your master copy of the zine needs to have a high quality because every time you copy the quality I've found isn't as good. 

I printed some photographs in a zine which I got money to print from various funding streams as part of a volunteering project so I used publisher and good quality images turned in to PDF and then sent it to the printer. BUT that was with money to print so when I'm using a photocopier I try to make sure that the original master copy is of the highest quality possible. Photos photocopied will look not as slick but I think that's part of the charm! haha 

What photographs were you thinking of putting in a zine? I could mail you a couple of zines with photos in for free in you liked they're a few years old though.

I just did a zine that looked great in color, but a few pics look too dark printed in b/w. You might have to lighten up some pics before you print

Emma, I either print off the computer, then cut & paste, or I handwrite/draw then cut & paste.
I don't usually use a master copy. What I do is just print over and over from the original that I had cut and pasted together. For photography I feel like this wouldn't make any sense, because the original photograph would have to be printed first, then photocopied after being printed, and the quality would repeatedly get worse, but I have some really nice photographs I'd like to start including that I've taken over the last couple years. Just nature type stuff, some city things. Mostly in colour but there are some nice b&w ones too.

I could give this a try, maybe in Photoshop first, to see how it comes out, but I haven't tried it yet because like.. when I see other people's zines with photos in them it's just kinda black & white splotches of stuff, and I get the appeal of that style but it isn't what I'd be going for if I were to include photos. I'd want it to be a photography zine, but I guess that would be pretty expensive to do.
I just draw my own pictures in the mean time.



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