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Am I right in thinking this is actually a lot easier said than done?
Ok, so the zine doesn't have a name on it, and one can easily set up an email account... but for people to pay by paypal, it's always going to list the person's real name (even if the paypal account is attached to the new email address) and obviously for cash/trade one would have to give up their postal address.
I obviously say all this as someone potentially "known" a little bit in the zine world who's fiiinally written their first zine but would quite like to remain anonymous but still get it out there...
Have I missed some tricks?

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I've personally done it and I'm friends with a few people who do it regularly as part of an ongoing project. It depends on the person I think, but if they're part of the community already it usually just turns into one of those open secrets. Depends if it's a one-shot or on-going etc. Depends. The people I'm friends with, most of them are known to be the creators, just 'officially' they're not.
I deal with the anonymity thing working at Sticky too, and you obviously need all the info as a stockist. So it depends on how heavily the anonymity is guarded and who its distroed through. For example I've had my full name disclosed by a distro without my permission before, when it hasn't been inside the zine (but on the envelope they were sent in) so you'd want to deal with people who would respect the etiquette of 'you only reveal the name/contact info actually listed in the zine'.

As far as tips and tricks, anonymity works best when there's no paper trail. so apart from not putting your name on it, or having a pseudonym and a different or no contact address - making it free is the easiest. It can go anywhere then without paypal and have a life of its own. But it depends on the project. I've done it with some zines because it suits what I'm aiming for, but wouldn't be able to if it was highly personal. But that may just be me.

So the unhelpful answer is: it depends. It's a fair bit of work though.



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