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How many of you guys use fake names? Why do you or why don't you use them? How did you choose yours? In general, what's up with your alias?

I use Inertia because I want privacy. Every name in my zine is an alias and some of them are more fitting than their actual name. For example, I call my tiny, passive, darling little sister Mouse.

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I used to be Molly Random....it's now Molly Ramdon...less fake sounding .... at least to me since she's real....to me....

She's someone that would say things to the world that "I" wouldnt normally say...she's my guts, she's the only voice in my head telling me I CAN do it, so why not rejoice her by finally breathing life into her name?

Molly= the puppet from Big Comfy Couch, my favorite show to this day.

Ramdon= used to be Random, got the idea when I asked a friend to pick a "random last name" and he said "random last name" smartest thing he said all year!

I am sure I'll give people in my zine pseudonyms to keep the anonymity but I am planning on a special way of naming them so only they know when I am talking about them :D

I use a fake name for freedom.I didn't have any say in choosing my real name.Plus,what if the cops come looking for me,or somebody tries to sue me because my zine incited thier kid or something?Also,the IRS might try to bust me for income off my art.With a fake name,nobody from my work or house will connect me to my art or writing.Plus,its punc roc to have a fake name.Now,though,its kind of burdensome,and Ive tried to shake it but cant.I got it because I used to wear baggy pants from Goodwill and listen to ska.Then I started tagging it,so it stuck.

i use a pseudonym because i hate my real name.



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