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How many of you guys use fake names? Why do you or why don't you use them? How did you choose yours? In general, what's up with your alias?

I use Inertia because I want privacy. Every name in my zine is an alias and some of them are more fitting than their actual name. For example, I call my tiny, passive, darling little sister Mouse.

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Wow. It seems that all those non de plumed "grrl power" zines that Josh has read over the course of 40 years have left him a bitter and disillusioned old man.

Josh Saitz said:
I am 40 years old, I am well aware of the history of zines and I'm offering my opinion. I don't take you seriously when you make up a stupid name to hide behind. I am entitled to his opinion. And quite frankly, I am done wasting my time arguing with kids.
Mulnix said:
If you had any notion of the history of zines you'd realize how ridiculous this statement is. I'd say a large percentage of zines that ever mattered were written under a pseudonym of one sort or another.

Sometimes fake names aren't there for someone to hide behind; they're part of the art. At least, thts wht "ppl" have tld me. signed, "Eddie Mulnix"--(a pseudonym)

Josh Saitz said:
I instinctively distrust any zine done by someone who won't give their name, unless it's a reall controversial subject. If you want ppl to take you and your work seriously, put your name on it. If you want privacy, maybe you could just misspell your name by a letter or use a first initial instead of your first name. You should also get a PO Box.
I use my real name or a shortened version thereof for all my one off zines (so far) and blog. It's easier. But for my ongoing zine (fourth issue soon to be published)I've branched out and introduced a few pseudonymous characters into the mix, mostly with animal names, along with my real name. (The zine's called Badgers Dozen, it's put together by a Badger, who writes the Badgertorial. There's also a grammar column by Felicia Ferret.)I don't think of Badger as myself, but an independent person in his own right, which will come handy if I ever turn the zine over to someone else! I also like the community of characters that it gives the zine, and hopefully my readers do too.
I used Introvert mainly because of the fact that my maiden name is unique and i wanted to ensure my privacy and security. Not to mention everyone in the 90s used their band name or zine name as their last name. It's just how it worked.

Now i don't really mind using my married name for things because there are a ton of Nicole Harrises around.
Scarface Judd was mine when I was in high school. It's a combination of two of my childhood nicknames; scarface because I got attacked by a dog when I was younger and Judd because I played him in a local production of "Oklahoma!" I thought it was completely punk rock doing a zine full of obscenity and vulgarity and handing 'em out. I figured i'd need an alias to go by, but someone figured out the zines were mine and I got snitched on pretty much immediately, which made it useless.
I use my full name because I'm proud of my zine.  Everyone has something about them that is controversial to someone.  I can't operate fully hiding from potential critics.

I use my real name because I couldn't figure out a decent pen name.. though online I use a username.

I have thought since about adopting a pen name but still, haven't though of a good one.

I am Nohbdy.

It's a Odyssey reference, it's the name Odysseus tells the cyclops. I thought it was clever. Oh well, I am a minor so I thought it would be smart to remain nameless for now.

I use my real First name but my last name is a pen name. I mostly just do it for privacy. I mean when you right something in a zine that is pretty personal you wouldn't want people to know who you are completely. I guess I really wouldn't mind if the people who read my zines knew who I actually am. But I like it as a kind of a security blanket.
I use my real name because I'm not much for keeping secrets. But I also go by my middle name, so no one's likely to go stealing my identity because of it....
I used "Darla Price" once. It wasn't for privacy or anything, more to see if I could pass off my zine as if a female had written it. I don't know if I succeeded or not.
So I realize I started this discussion, but I have stopped using the pen-name Inertia. I wrote a whole long thing about it, but the gist is that Inertia doesn't represent who I am. I'm Becky now, just like I am to the rest of the world.
comrade harps because it's got more of an edge than my given and family names, because I used to be a comrade in a certain political organisation and because harps was my nickname at school (and is based on my family name), so it wraps me up, past and present, private, public and political and so I can get away with things that my employer might not want my real name connected with.


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