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I'm really new to zine culture. Has there ever been one?
Let's have one next year sometime. Let's make it huge. Let's hire out the Perth Cultural Centre like laneway did and contact LIMV and the Concrete organization and UWA Extension and everyone.
Are anyone of you Perthites with me? Let me know and let's start planning it right away!

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oh wow, another perth zinester? yes please, i feel a bit left out with all the eastern state zine festivals.
Sweet! send me a message and i'll out you on a mailing list and we'll see if we can organise something. it's finchoj3@hotmail.com
hey! a perth zine fair would be awesome. i'd be totally up for doing something like that.

a couple of years ago PICA held an artist's car boot sale in the cultural centre, i missed it unfortunately, but apparently it was excellent and there were lots of zines. they haven't done it again though.

also, the people who control the perth cultural centre now are the East Perth Redevopment Authority, so they're the ones we'd have to talk to. supposedly they're all about culture.

let me know, i want in on this!!
Yeah!!!!! I'm fairly new to zines too but would love to be involved.
Well, what if we made it a joint musical festival? A lot of the people I know who would be interested in a zine festival are also in bands or associated with bands. People will see some bands, grab some zines. It'll be like the Love is my velocity thing that they set up at laneway.
We should set up a meet and discuss...oh wow i just checked out the made on the left festival. that's awesome. But yes, i do think we should do small things, but it's always best to plan in advance with these things. way way ahead.
oh i wish my zine came out in time for this festival...maybe i'll make a perzine quickly...hmm
ok, off to work!
Fergus said:
A zine festival would be cool, but I think maybe best to start a little smaller, in view of the fact even the Perth artists and writers I know barely know what a zine is, and are more likely to pronounce it as though it rhymes with pine. Maybe we should hook into something with a built-in audience, because I'm not sure a stand-alone zine festival would attract anyone, except family and friends. For example, we could see about setting up a consolidated Perth zine table at the next Made on the Left artist markets?
Hey actually
do you guys wanna set up a stall at the Sunday markets? they are 80 dollars to hire for a day, but if we get at least ten people in on it with their zines we could set up a collective stall for eight dollars each.
There's a workshop this Thursday 8am at the museum workshop room. it's five bucks and you rsvp to pr@theperthmarkets.com.au
good luck guys! and if you want anyone to run workshops etc I am happy to come over to Perth.
i agree with fergus about starting small, and i think made on the left is a good idea. the people it would attract would receptive to the idea of zines. plus it will give me some time to make a new zine, hur hur.

perhaps when cottonmouth has another event we could make our way there as well?
The next cottonmouth is this Thursday, and then after that they won't be back til next year. I wish someone would continue it for a few months until cottonmouth come back though. I like cottonmouth and cottonmouthish things.
according to this, the next ones are on the 25th and 26th of july. applications close june 20th though!

i'm a bit chicken going to cottonmouth ;)

Fergus said:
Damn this stupid website doesn't notify you when someone replies to a discussion thread.

Anyway, I am up for Made on the Left, Sunday markets, music & zines, whatever. I thought, when you said it could be like Laneway, I thought you meant we would have that size audience and stall holders to fill the whole cultural centre, just for zines! that's why I suggested starting small. Now I see that wasn't quite what you meant anyway!

We probably should get together to discuss.

I agree we should plan well in advance, if only because it takes me ages to make zines, even back issues.When is the next Made on the Left?

Think I will see about selling Fergus at Cottonmouth on Thursday, I've always been too shy to enquire, but since they're going on extended leave, this is the last opportunity for a while.
Hey guys,
So we should meet, do you think? And discuss the made on the left markets? I am free anytime except Thursday night. (semester break Yes!). And i am willing to travel anywhere,
my email is finchoj3@hotmail.com
and my number is 0431858765
this is pretty exciting.

Oh and Fergus, I got your zines in the mail. Thankyou! i like em a lot. They are amazing and make me want to start my own perzine. It was very kind of you to send it to me. I hope to reciprocate somehow. I was going to buy it at cottonmouth but they sold out. Two of my friends bought it before me.

ps. We're thinking a Dachshund might make more sense as a mascot (dot-dot-dachshund), but we've got the duck because our business name is duckduckdash (as dotdotdash was taken).
I'm fine for the 28th of June at the moon. 5pm good?

And I will probably have a crack at applying for made on the left sometime this week, and then show it to you guys when i'm done.


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