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i know theres a group dedicated to this but i thought id make a post anyway if thats ok?? i hope it is :)


 i love having pen pals but at the moment i keep getting what seems like *pen pals* but they just end up not writing back to me. and quite frankly its giving me a complex.  lol  :P


 i was just wondering if anyone here would be up for writing?:) i love long chatty letters and sending fun things when i can too like mix tapes, decos, stickers etc. all sorts of things.


i guess i should write more of a description of myself but i havent got time at the moment.


 id better go,





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Id love to, but you might find me just as bad..... See when I get a letter I always think to myself "Wow how awsome of this person to write to me, I should take my time and really think about what Ill write back with"


And then I forget D:





I'd love to be a penpal!
i'm down for being someone' s pen pal. i have such a love of letter writing that it's the theme of my march issue.

Once I've cut down my outbound mail pile I'll get started on a letter.

Penpalling has frustrated me too lately, with how many people say "write to me, write to me",and then don't write back...

@ lianne, i agree totally!!  as we've said before ;)

I want to be a penpal! The next meeting of my local chapter of Pal-Sac is tomorrow night, so if any interesting parties send me a WMZ message with their mailing address in it, I'll write then!


Hannah S.

PO Box 1458

Springfield, MO 65801

WMZ? I don't know what that is but I think I'll drop you a line written letter form.
WMZ = We Make Zines, as in send me a message with the private message system so I can write you a letter tonight. :^)

I added you to my friend list, Hannah, so I could send you my address! I just put a stamp on a letter to you too.


WMZ. That's got me shaking my head that I actually asked that question :)

Imagine how great the world would be again if we could all write and send hand-written letters.

And people's attention spans would be back to normal levels.

Ah the good old days.



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