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i happened upon this website where you can make an online zine as well as some social networking type of thing with other writers. i guess it brings up the old argument print zine vs. online zine. right now, since i am dead broke and unemployed and yet still want to make a new zine RIGHT NOW but dont have money for copies...this makes sense. however there is no way to transfer the content to a hard copy...

i just want to know if anyone in the community has used it? likes/dislikes? links to your zines?

heres the link : OpenZine.com

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I've actually been wanting to do a companion blog for ReStyle and it looks like openzine will be perfect for that! I've been playing around with it and it's pretty cool. I'll let you guys know when I get an e-issue posted! :D
I posted a virtual issue just now, that was fun! :D


i havent been to the site... so does that mean anyone could just read your zines on there for free?
You do have an option to set your zine so people have to have your approval to read it, so you could do some sort of subscription I imagine.

You can tell it's a beta site, there are some funny little bugs that are a little frustrating but easy to work around. It's got potential to be insanely cool.

Like I said, I'm using it more as a blog to go along with the print edition of ReStyle. The print edition I do every other month, but I have so many other ideas and whatnot in between that it's nice to have a place to collect all of it together. So I'm going to try to update the online edition weekly. Mine has only been up about 36 hours and it's had almost 500 views, so I think it really could be a great tool for marketing the print edition!


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