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So I was wondering... if zines are mostly about independent publishing or small press and independent writers, etc. then what happens if you write a zine that suddenly gets popular and gets distributed/known all over? or what happens when zine culture is advertised or introduced enough to everyone? does that defy the whole purpose of zines because then, zines will be the popular thing such that everyone reads/knows/writes zines?

i probably am not making much sense, but these have been dancing on my head for a while... i guess it's part of the long argument on what makes a zine a zine and what sets it apart from other media...

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to me zines are about personal expression and ideas that you don't mind in mainstream magazines. if these ideas were to get popular i think it would be great because way more people would be exposed to the kind of ideas in zines/independent media...if a zine gets popular and distributed all over that would be cool, cuz more people could read it...there are zines that have gotten popular and are still cool like bitch magazine...
I guess it all depends on what you do with the recognition and increased popularity. I mean, there are lots of zines that eventually became magazines, or were re-published as anthologies and that, to me, is just progressing in your work. I suppose it becomes a negative thing if say, you get zines filled with ads or being censored, being sponsored by businesses that go against the DIY and freedom of speech codes...But otherwise, I'd be happy to see more people getting into them. It's such a simple, but great medium for expression and information, everyone -should- be into them, no?


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