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Yep, I'm on Twitter too. Need all the publicity I can acquire. Besides, Twitter might help me get revenge on MySpace. And Im totally convinced that MySpace is a high source of evil.
http://twitter. com/timelike01

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Whatever! But I still need all the publicity I can acquire.
and what will you do with all that publicity? is it take over the world by controlling all forms of media? i hope it's take over the world, cause, as a zinester, that's what i celebrate.
I disagree.Twitter is just a tool like everything else and depends on how you use it. I have had a livejournal for years and most of the people on my friends list are people who make zines or used to make zines. A lot of those same friends are also on twitter. It is just another way to keep up with people. i only follow people I know on twitter and I don't really understand how to use it as a marketing tool. Who wants to follow someone that just sends you adds all the time? But at the same time I have a twitter feeds that will post to twitter when I post on my blog and relist and item on etsy.

Plus, I sort of like the economy of words found in the 140 character limit. I refuse to use internet-speak so the challenge is amusing to me.

Zacery Nova said:
Ugh, I despise Twitter. It is truly the opposite of all that zinesters celebrate (i.e. slowness, zines, mail)
If you don't like it, you don't have to use it. Leaves more Twittering for me!
i'm old and crotchety enough not to be using twitter. but i'm also old and crotchety enough to remember when websites were going to destroy zines and the internet itself was the enemy of zines. i agree with alex, sarah and serah-marie, it's how you use it. twitter doesn't make people insipid. people do that on their own. besides, i ended up using a lot of textspeak, l33t and spam to write the dialog for this alien crab-person comic i made. so thanks internet!
hee, i remember the evil of computers. we should get us some rockers to crochety it up.

Sarah said:
Hell, I'm old & crotchety enough to remember arguments 10 years ago on the zinesters yahoogroups listserv with people arguing about how if you use a computer to make/write your zine, it's not really a zine.

If you're against like, anything fast or not through the mail or having to do with paper zines, then...what are you doing on a social networking site on the internet? Twitter is just another social site where you can also talk about news and politics and such, just in 140 characters! I enjoy it.
Mini-comics / alt comics / underground comix info and such:


I like Twitter, very useful. Sort of like the status feature at Facebook but without the encumbrances.
I think the "official" form is tweet, tweeted. Although, for whatever reason, I think I'd find "twat" less embarrassing to type.
I think that if you're following people on twitter who send updates like 'something funny just happened' then you're following the wrong people!

I'm on there, needless to say after the above!

My main account is @incurablehippie and my photography / t-shirt design account is @RedZazz

I love it. It's about following the right people and interacting well, imho.
i can't even tell you how many shitty zines i have read that basically just said, "ate an apple, took a dump, went to bed, OMG something hilarious just happened"...zines about nothing, in other words, photocopied, stapled, & mailed to me in order to be regarded with bemusement & boredom & passed on to a zine library. i am no fan of twitter, but i'm also no fan of the vast majority of boring-as-shit self-involved zines. samey samey.
It's the shitter who shat- Aye, and the twitter who twat.


I use "twat" in joking terms usually.

Yeah, me too. It's funny lumped in with the equally absurd actual Twitter terminology...

"I just tweeted." Where have we gone wrong...



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