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I've seen zines made from letter and legal sized sheets folded in half vertically. 4.25 x 11" and 4.25" x 14." That was kind of cool.

I've lately been considering doing a new issue of legal paper folded in half lengthwise. 7" x 8.5".

Any other cool shapes?

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A friend of mine writes a zine called 13h, which is tiny (about an inch tall) and prints onto one printer page which he then cuts and folds into a 12 page zine. The title and size have something to do with computers which is completely beyond me.

The trouble with interesting sizes is that if it's small, you can't put as much content in, and if it's big, shipping is way more expensive. I bought some shipping tags a few weeks ago (link underneath) and have been contemplating using them as zine covers and cutting the pages into the same shape. Not sure if it would be awesome enough to justify the effort though. I like writing zines way more than I like putting them together.
you should totally use them as zine covers! that'd be cool! there used to be a zine here in Illinois called "Sister Friend", and every issue had CRAZY covers, with glitter, or stuff glued to it, or use fabric as the cover. it was way cool.

I've done lots of different sizes, including the 7" X 8.5", which is a great way to fit a LOT of content. I'm a big fan of doing 1/4 size, but the long way, so that it's 5.5" horizontal and 4.25 vertical.

any time you do a "funky" style, such as hand-cutting the paper to be an odd shape, it's going to be a LOT of work, but will turn your zine into more of an art piece, which is a bonus to me. but the novelty can some times take away from the actual content. i did a zine once that had two mini-zines stapled into the middle of it. it was a way cool effect, but took forever to put together, ha.
He calls them minicomics, not zines, but this dude makes some really cool things folded into 3d shapes, like a box and a fortune teller: mysite.verizon.net/vzey5cnm


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