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Has anyone ever made another issue of their zine and then felt in some way that it didn't "live up" to the last issue or something? My last issue was around 32 pages and the new issue of my zine is only 16 pages and I feel guilty because of this...I feel like maybe my new issue is not as good as the last. I know number of pages doesn't equal quality or anything but I also wrote about my second struggles with bulimia in my last issue of Pulse so maybe that's why I feel like my new issue isn't as real or intense? Any thoughts if you've ever felt this way would be helpful...

thanks =)

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gah, I know what that is like... I wasn't nearly as pleased with the second issue of my zine. Yes, it was good (in my opinion) but I didn't feel as thoughtful. I actually felt that I worked too hard on it. My first issue, I sat down and basically did the whole thing in one night. It was simple, raw, and thoughtful. But I do see that in my new issue. I think that some issues will be good, and some not so much. I'm ok with it not being as good, because the process of making the zine is loads of fun and I still feel like there is stuff to gain from the second issue.

Of course, I must not that I am still a n00b, so... yeah. I might just be easily pleased or something?
I think this is normal part of doing zines especially in the beginning. I felt that way too before. Remember each issue has its own character but still a big part of you. Sometimes when we get in a particular cycle we might feel uncomfortable when we leave the cycle and do something a little different. Change isn't bad at all. Having these kinds of thoughts I feel is part of your growing process in your writing and publishing a zine. Keep on keepin on, you're doing just fine!
I read your last issue and thought it was awesome and really creative and honest. Maybe you just had a lot more to say then and now not so much because you got a lot of it out already in your other issues. I've bought a lot of zines that were short and to the point and I bought a zine once that was like 80+ pages and I never read the whole thing. It just got to be way too long.

I feel that way about my first issue. My second issue I think is way better.



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