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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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Sorry for the back-to-back shameless self-promotion, but I realized that I hadn't posted anything here about Mistaken for Straight. Here's the info:

Mistaken for Straight in one woman's contemplation on identity, sexual orientation, bisexuality, queerness, gender roles, and the possibility of liberation It includes definitions, rants, confusion, poems, coming out stories, frustration, and info on reading material. It is half size and has 33 pages.

I am asking $2 a copy, or I will for sure take trades, which I really dig.

Send $$$$ or trades to

PO Box 1483
Lawrence, KS 66044 USA

Issue 2 of my zine The Quick and The Dead is now available.

It's 28 quarter-sized pages of poetry and introspection. Like every other zine I've ever written it's a mixture of litzine and perzine, and it's text heavy.

£1.50 postage paid for the UK, $3 postage paid for the US, Europe and the rest of the world. Sliding scale applies, just drop me an e-mail. Ditto for trades!

My e-mail address is liseusester[@]googlemail.com, and the address for paypal is liseusester[@]gmail.com. If you have any questions or queries, just e-mail me.
We've just finished and uploaded the 3rd Quarter 2009 issue!

1. Mom and Dad play the Wii – Editor Lyndsey M. Mosley interviews her parents on their first time trying out the Nintendo Wii.

2. E3 2009 – Gaming Insurrection editors drop knowledge on what happened in Los Angeles this year.

As always we have columns, with a special mention about From the Dungeon, written exclusively by Jamie Mosley. Visit us at Gaming Insurrection or at our blog.

It's free to download and print all issues. There is zero charge for anything except to receive a paper copy from us, though you can just download print the copy yourself and save money. We do ask that you visit our sponsors and tell them who sent you! :)
My latest zine is finally out! Confessions of a Former Book Snob.
If you like reading, you might like this zine.

Contents include:
* My story - what I read, how it's changed over time, and why.
* Tips on reading for busy people.
* Books I can't believe I haven't read.
* Reviews of books that tell you what to read.
* Thoughts on whether to read a book first or see it's movie adaptation first.
* More!

The Stats:
24 pages
black and white
lots of text
cut-and-pasted design
hand-bound with coloured embroidery thread
free mini zine! - called "6 of my Favourite Books, so far"

Available from:
my Etsy Shop - US$2.20
my ArtFire Shop - US$2.00
(It's slightly less there cause they don't charge listing fees.)
THE PTERADACTYL is out now! The Pteradactyl is my apa-zine for Pheonix APA with the focus of pop culture, TV, science fiction & fantasy, Dr. Who. Issue 1 has: My FavoriteGenres of Movies, Fiction & Music (Science-Fiction-Horror-Noir, Alternative, Dark, Garage, Indie, Proto, Post & Pop Punk...) Fan Ways & Technology (How and why I'm still into pre-internet technology in watching movies & listenting to music---VHS, cassettes & vinyls, dime bin paperbacks). Movie Review: Chloe: Love is Calling You (1934) White "niggers" (their word, not mine), voodoo and revenge. Book Review: The Killing Gift, by Bari Wood: A moving story of mutation, lethal telekenesis and profound alienation. Mailing comments. 6 pgs., standard. One F/C + #10 SASE or The Usual to: James N. Dawson, P.O. Box 292, Malden, WA 99149.
Hi All, Damaged Mentality, issue #1 & #2 are available. $2 or trade. synthia niolce
Colouring Outside The Lines issue 5 is out now (I forget if I already posted about this)

Interviewees include:
GB Jones, Erika Lopez, Mel Stringer, Morwenna Catt, Helen Musselwhite, Caitlin Shearer, Abigail Brown, Christa Donner, Heidi Burton, Karoline Rerrie, and Irana Douer.

+ Cover artwork by: Zoe Darnell, Karoline Rerrie, and Sara Hansson

+ gallery artwork from: Sarah Lippett, Amber Seegmiller, Nikki Stavin, Ellara Woodlock, Julianna Swaney, Kate Pugsley, Kristyna Baczynski, Nancy Mungcal, Miss Led, Miso, Jen Oaks, Megan Whitmarsh, Ulla Saar, Ellara Woodlock, Liza Corbett, Lucy Player, Katy Hanratty, Elise Towle Snow, Brandi Milne, Laura Berger, Lisa Linnea, Maria Gil Ulldemolins, Nina Nijsten, Freya Harrison, Emily Cunningham, Ali Aschman, Suzanne Coady, Meryl Donoghue, Memo, + More!

Further details, and buy at: http://www.cotl.etsy.com

Melanie xox

D-Beat Beater and Protestzine split zine download

Split Irish zine available for 1 euro to buy or download the PDF of it here for nowt (12mb). Interviews with The Warzone Collective (Belfast center/venue), Bacchus, Cut The Reins, Lentil Disorder, Meinhof, Seomra Spraoi (Dublin collective) and tour diary with Project Hopeless.

Candy or Medicine Volume Seven is out now. Just $1 (plus 50 cents shipping in the U.S.)

Featuring a wish fulfillment by JB Sapienza, "An Ice Cream Story" by Adam Wilson, a one-page gag by Morgan Kessler, a four-page space saga by Tyler Stafford, a random dream from the mind of Carl Alessi, two strips by Ed Keer, a five-person international jam comic, a wild back cover by west coast sensation Alex Chiu and the return of Andy Narwhal by ye olde ed.

Sixteen pages, quarter-sized, printed on bright, 32-lb. paper. Trades welcome. E-mail info (at) candyormedicine (dot) com for trading or snail mail ordering information. Order at: http://candyormedicine.blogspot.com/2009/07/volume-seven-out-now-an... or http://candyormedicine.etsy.com.

Late Night Thinking Issue 3

* Waking up Refreshed and Tired
* Our Journey to Yoshi's
* The Audacity of Numbers
* Ginger Beer
* Connectivity
* Head Cancer
* Longing for Spring
* Shadow Art Fair Interview

Debuting at the Shadow Art Fair tomorrow --- 12 Hours, 40 Artists, 9000 Gallons of Beer.

Trades almost always welcome, send me a message here or see my page for contact info.

Issue 13 of Attack!!!!, inspired by Gethan Dick's piece "Mouth", was launched at the Attack!!!!tacular event on July 4th and is now available to buy online.


'Mouth' - a spell for fixing broken heads - is reprinted at the start of this issue, and Gethan also designed the cover.

Ruth Moog Baker, Lawrence Bradby, Johanna van Fessem, Sophie Hanson, Jared Konopitski, Steve Leighton, Myriam G.S. Mestiaen, Alastair McInnes, Chris Murray, Ian Duncan Smith, Erica Viola and Wes White all feature with original writing and artwork inspired by Gethan's. Click the link above for more details or go straight to the relevant shop page here -

http://www.ecartilage.co.uk/shopuk.htm (in the UK)

http://www.ecartilage.co.uk/shop_eu.htm (in the EU)

http://www.ecartilage.co.uk/shop_row.htm (outside the EU)

- to order it.

Back issues also available there.

All Things Ordinary #1 is out now! This is a personal zine about the last month i spent in Buffalo, NY (where i have lived all 27 years of my life) before i moved to Portland, OR (where i've been living for the past 4 months). It mostly consists of reflections on my time in Buffalo, thoughts about what lies ahead of me in Portland (i had never visited Portland before i moved here), and things that happened to me during my last month living in Buffalo. It is 24 pages and quarter sized.

here are a couple sample pages

I love trading zines and would prefer that, but if you don't want to/can't trade it is $3.00ppd. My paypal address is derekneuland@gmail.com.

send zine trades or $3.00 well hidden cash/money order to:
Derek Neuland
p.o. box 42182
Portland, OR 97242



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