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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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I've finished Issue #2 of my satirical zine, Strangury. It's twelve pages long. While I'd like to receive a dollar or sufficient postage for each copy, I'm willing to trade, or give it to you for free, if you write me a letter. Also, if it's the first time we've corresponded, I'll include both issues.

Contact me at either theenigmanj@yahoo.com, sitkoc@student.wpunj.edu, or send a letter to:

chris sitko

212 Rock Road

Hawthorne, NJ 07506


Serial Killers Unite! #17 the highly (un)awaited return. Join the cult today. This issue includes the Monster of Miramichi, the Folsom Wolf and a brutal letter from Jack Trawick. 40 pages of illicit underground goodness. Support indie press. $10 includes shipping worldwide plus free goodies. Email aspirrrr@hotmail.com for paypal, or it's on Etsy


First edition minicomic of 100. 1/2 letter, 8 pgs. B&W w/ color covers.
Hand-stamped, -stickered and -stapled.
White, yellow, pink, blue, or green w/ gray interior.
Each issue comes with a mini-patch while supplies last.

Copies are $3 and will be available at thepanopticpress.com starting 9/17/14. Or message me with an email I can reach you at on PayPal and color preference.

Hi friends! 

Long time lurker, first time poster! 

My zine, MECHANICAL YAMMERING put out it's second issue! It's called Lists, and it started out as a salvo mocking the internet, but then mutated into something weird and cool and funny and alarming! Check it out!

Read the whole thing here! http://issuu.com/mechanicalyammering/docs/list_zine_online

You can also message me to get a print copy! Thanks! Love you! 


       ROUGH BEANS Issue #3 is now up for sale here and available in Oslo record stores big dipper, the garden and tiger. Inside is New vegan recipes, interviews with the bands Flying Vaginas, Popobawa, Shunkan as well a polaroid gallery and a lot more surprises.  this issues playlist can be heard here .



My mish plans, the looming election, and my other work activities brang an abbreviated edition of The Last Word this month, but it's still enough to peep and weep.

This ish talks about TV shows evading the censors, the world's dumbest crime-fighting technique, toilet lid covers, and other stuff about toilets and farting.

So read The Last Word before The Last Word reads you...


Hey there. I'm Ele, I create a perzine called 'Cats Teeth'. I've just completed a zine called 'Baksheesh' which  explores my mum's 9 months in prison in Istanbul in the 70s, charged with smuggling cars.  It's an A5 zine, and contains photos, newspaper clippings and letter excerpts. I'm selling them at  £3.50 each (this price includes postage). I usually trade but I'm currently pretty broke. For anyone who's in a similar boat I can happily give you a link to the scanned in version! Email me: wintermuse@gmail.com For more info on this zine, or my other zines: http://bloodberries.wordpress.com/

Step Dad skate 'zine issue 11, October 2014.



My new zine "LP Style - I look like this on purpose, is now available at my Etsy store!

This zine started out as a 24 Hour Zine Thing in 2012, but grew into a 32 A5-page story about the evolution of my style and how seemingly unrelated things like my chronic illness, me being a foreigner and my quite non-conforming personality tie into that.

Because I am quite wordy, there’s a zine-within-a-zine in the middle called “Story Time with LP”, where I chronicle getting my first tattoo and tell the story about why I always wear shorts. Trust me, you REALLY want to read that one!

As stated before, it’s 36 pages, A5, actually cut and paste, with pictures, some of me when I was a wee little one. Trades are very welcome as always, I can be contacted at LogPoes at gmail dot com. If you want to be kept up to date on my zine activities, you can subscribe to my newsletter.

Oh woops, my post seemed to delete the text.

This is an A4 zine titled 'Baksheesh' which explores my mum's experience in prison in Istanbul in the 70s. It's a mixture of personal narrative, interviews, letters, newspaper clippings and photographs. This zine was part of a project I'm working on for uni titled 'Writing the (m)Other' - which looks at autobiography as feminist practice. I'm happy to include the accompanying essay.

I usually trade but I'm currently broke so am selling this for £2 plus postage - you can message me for my paypal details. For anyone in a similar boat I'm also happy to send the link to the scanned in version.

Hello! It's been a while since we did a new issue announcement, but we've got several new issues out! Click below to see our stuff. We are always accepting submissions (drawings, photos, poems, stories, articles, dreams, plays, raps, you name it!) and we love to make trades! We're a bit broke at the moment so it could be a bit before we get your trade to you (sorry if you're waiting on one now) but it will come! When you least expect it, it will come. Please give us a gander, and you can check out more content on our website: http://www.rasasvada.net

Brand new fanzine from Erin Fae of Imaginary Windows zine :) http://erinfae.bigcartel.com/product/mess-of-a-dreamer-a-taylor-swi...


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