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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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Erebus the Cat is a comicbook about one of my partner's cats. It's pretty weird, cute, trippy, and rambly. Mostly it was drawn and written when I was very tired.
For more in-depth description and for order info, go to: http://ohremember.bigcartel.com/product/erebus-the-cat
or http://www.etsy.com/shop/ohremember
You can also send me a message through either site if you have any questions. 

Here it is my latest version of Soupzine. Finally finished/figured out the page layout for my print version of my zine. Man, that was a lot of work.


(print Version)

Remember to go into properties and select (2-sided print, flop on short edge) or your prints may be wrong side up (or down). At least that is how it work on my printer.


(read online version)

Feel free to print a few copies for yourself, to handout and/or donation to a zine library.
Please don’t not reprint sections into your own zine or sell the zine without asking me first OK.

It is 19 pages (76 zine pages), so you might need to rubber band it. I have not tried stapling it yet.

Tell me what you think.


Brian Steinberg

Here In My Head. #12: £1.00 UK, $2.00 international (free shipping)

2013-07-22 22.31.54

The 12th issue of my feminist perzine features writings on self-improvement and new year’s resolutions, plans for the future, misogyny in rock and metal music, identity, and developing a sense of self.  40 pages, with a colour cover.

Buy a copy on my website, or get in touch for trades! (selected trades only, preferably UK) 

The hilarious August edition of The Last Word is now pub-a-roo, and it's available for a price tag of only 99 cents. (Cheap!)

This humor-filled ish deals with the following topics...

• More uproarious old toys and the flatulence that goes along with them.

• The microapartment price-gouging scam.

• When things stink.

• A former school principal's right-wing Facebook meltdown.

• Some roll-on-the-floor funny YouTube videos I've found.

• The last 2 years of road trips and the path of hilarity that has ensued in their wake.

I also explain how AdSense has forced me to sell my work instead of giving it away for free like I used to be able to do.

Read The Last Word now before it reads you...


And remember, The Last Word supports the Occupy movement.

W00t!  Got my first zine printed, assembled and ready to go!

“The Gopher Protocol” is a zine that celebrates feminine beauty in a retro pinup context and seeks to be body, woman, and sex positive. This is a half page zine of both vintage and modern pinups, urbex, articles about shooting pinups and contains film and digital photography. Saddle stapled, standard copy shop printing, card stock cover, regular paper inside. All photography is either shot by me or is from negatives in my collection. 20 pages not including cover.

$4 incl shipping

The brand new print version of Musea #189 is available at the usual suspects (places).
Those on the mailing list should have your copies by now*.
This is the, "THIS TRAIN GOES ONLY TWO WAYS" issue. With a special double cover that spotlights two great train photos.
The issue is really two smaller ones.
There is one art half that announces the release of my new recording, and gives some information on all 14 songs. Plus an essay for you singers, "LESSONS LEARNED IN 50 YEARS OR SINGING".

The other science half has a single multi part essay, 'LIST OF IDEAS THAT ARE ORIGINAL BY ME." Through the last few decades I have collected some science hypotheses that I think are exciting and AFAIK, original with me. Here is a listing of those.

This issue follows the 2 previous issues on Writings In Science. Did you miss those? I have a few left. You can also access all these issues and my music online: the zine on the musea website, the recordings on the hunkasaurus website. (see below). You can also access a lot of information from the listing about me in Wikipedia.

Have a good summer - Tom
*BTW if you have stopped receiving your copy, changed your address, and still want to be on the mailing list - let me know.

Tom Hendricks
(editor of the 21 year old zine Musea)

ZINE, Named one of the best ZINES by UTNE magazine. Featured on ROCKETBOOM)
MUSIC, 7 full CD's of free Post-Bands Music)
BLOG for Musea, Art Contests, Weekly E-mail Messages)

YOUTUBE CHANNEL, features all my 60 videos)
BIG MUSIC LIST (200 Song - First Worldwide Best Music List)

BIOLOGY HYPOTHESIS http://wp.me/p5S9X-eO
BIOLOGICAL SPECULATIONS Through The Years http://wp.me/P5S9X-Pp
UV PAPER http://www.daviddarling.info/encyclopedia/U/UV_origin_of_life.html
Catabolic and Anabolic evolved, but they did not blend.

Now available:

Piltdownlad #6: Institutionalized

This issue features the "Institutionalized" story cycle, which is an exploration of one event told from the individual perspectives of four participants. Picks up where The Nasty Dear (Piltdownlad #4) left off: from the Jackson group home in Anniston, Alabama, to Hillcrest Hospital, a mental hospital in Birmingham, where my brother Joey is put in the Youth Ward and I end up in the Adolescent Ward. Meanwhile, our father and Rick come home to discover their fate: a potential life sentence for child sexual abuse. Interspersed among the narrative are actual court records from the trial, newspaper clippings, song lyrics, photos and other miscellany. As with all issues of Piltdownlad, not for the fainthearted or the hardhearted. 

Also includes a letter and comment sections and zine reviews. 

typewritten and photocopied
wrap around cover
perfect bound
100 pages
5.5 x 8.5

Read more about it here.

Order on etsy here.

Trades welcome. 

Soupzine 9: The Shuttlecraft 

Soupzine 9 print Version

Soupzine 9 Read Version

Tell me what you think


Ann Arbor, MI

Hi Kelly - I'm tapped out financially but would be GRATEFUL for a review copy ... DJ Frederick

Serial Killers Unite #14 freshly printed. Open your mind to its seditious goodness. 32 pages of old school cut and paste dreams. Serial Killers featured include Richard Ramirez. Ted Kaczynski. Alfred Robinson. Morris Frampton
Love you all


This is the inaugural issue of the Animated Review ‘zine. Created to compliment our blog of inspirational animation, the publication highlights some of the great creative talents we have had the pleasure of featuring online.

We asked a selection of artists to reinterpret, in the own style, their favourite childhood cartoon character. The enthusiastic response we received helped highlight the importance of these shows, and the fondness with which they are remembered. Maybe some of the illustrations contained within these pages will rekindle some nostalgic memories of your own...

Issue #01 features:
Ian Stevenson - www.ianstevenson.co.uk
Mark Edwards of DR.ME - www.dr-me.com
Nick Alston - www.nickalston.co.uk
Marcus Oakley - www.marcusoakley.com
Thea Glad - www.theaglad.co.uk
Nicolas Ménard - www.nicolasmenard.com
Malcolm Sutherland - www.animalcolm.com
Bottle of Smoke - www.bottleofsmoke.co.uk
Kid Acne - www.kidacne.com
Robert Löbel - www.robertloebel.com
Jose Miguel Mendez - www.josemiguelmendez.co.uk

'Animated Review Issue #01' is available in a limited, numbered edition of just 500 copies and  available here: www.animatedreview.bigcartel.com

We are environmentally conscious and print in the UK on FSC-certified and recycled paper using vegetable based inks. Printed by the incredibly lovely people at the Footprint Workers Co-op: www.footprinters.co.uk
Dylan Zine #3 hand drawn/written comic by 5 year old Dylan.come on the 8 page misadventure to capture monsters and the like! Support young zinesters!!



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