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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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I have a new job.

Celebrate the Fourth on the 3rd with a fifth by poppin' open a keg or three and relaxing with The Last Word! The Last Word has returned after a year-long hiatus. The Last Word was once a free publication, but I have to eat just like you earthlings do, so now I've brung it back and am selling it for a cost of 99 cents. (Cheap!) It's 99 cents for the 99%!

What is The Last Word? That's a question any child may ask you, but it is not a childish question. The new incarnation of The Last Word is a hybrid of a left-wing bulletin, a hilarious comic book, and a collection of personal stories. You'll read it and peep!

The latest edition talks about sorting through old broken toys, Indiana's busted school system, some uproarious poo-poo stories, and more! You can download it here...


And remember, The Last Word is a supporter of the Occupy movement.

Scriptor Press Sampler | 14 | 2012 Annual
Download link: http://www.scriptorpress.com/sampler/14_2012.pdf
[Size = 5.7 MB]

The Sampler has been coming out annually for fourteen years now, distilling the issues of The Cenacle for the previous year into one chapbook of highlights. This year we were lucky enough to debut the new issue at the OutLoud Open Mike on 5/22/2013 in Melrose, Massachusetts, with readings by contributors, & many copies gifted out.

The contents of this new issue include:
•    Poetry by Joe Ciccone, Ric Amante, Zannemarie Lloyd Taylor, Martina Newberry, Judih Haggai, Joe Coleman, & Raymond Soulard, Jr.
•    New fiction by Tom Sheehan
•    New fixtion by Raymond Soulard, Jr.
•    Letters by Gordon Fellman & Raymond Soulard, Jr.
•    Travel Journals by Nathan Horowitz, Charlie Beyer, & Jonathan TALAT Phillips
•    Graphic artwork by Joe Coleman, Jeremy Kilar, & by Kassandra & Raymond Soulard, Jr.

The Cenacle | 85 | June 2013

Download link: http://www.scriptorpress.com/cenacle/85_june_2013.pdf

[Size = 5.7 MB]


Cenacle | 85 | June 2013 features, among the great writing & artwork, Manifest Project III, which is the follow-up to Manifest Project I (Cenacle | 65 | June 2008) & Manifest Project II (Cenacle | 72 | April 2010). Each participant was given a piece of chalk & disposable camera, & was told to “manifest yourself.” This issue contains the results.


The new issue’s contents in full include:

  • Poetry by Raymond Soulard, Jr., Judih Haggai, Martina Newberry, Joe Coleman, Tom Sheehan, Nathan Horowitz, & Joe Ciccone
  • Prose essays by Charlie Beyer & Raymond Soulard, Jr.
  • New fiction by G.C. Dillon
  • New fixtion by Raymond Soulard, Jr.
  • Classic prose by Rainer Maria Rilke
  • New interview with Rick Doblin
  • Cover art & artist gallery by Joe Coleman
  • Graphic artwork by Kassandra & Raymond Soulard, Jr.
  • Manifest Project III: Photos by Joe Coleman, Kassandra Soulard, Zannemarie Lloyd Taylor, Ralph Emerson, Ric Amante, Tom Sheehan, & Raymond Soulard, Jr.

Dairy River is a zine slash collective slash encyclopedia slash field guide focusing on detritus, ephemera, minutia, and miscellany.  After several months of elaborate deliberation, we published the Tenth Volume of our Proceedings in June!  Read it here!  

My first issue of Suburban-Nightmare, A Manifesto for Youth!  is finally available! This zine is about 20 pages long, includes art, photography, prose, angry feminist rantings, mixed tapes and more. Please visit my page if you're interested in trading. 

I have a new zine available for trade or $1!

Pieces #8.5 / The Flip Side

Perzine 1/4 size : 34 pages
This is a split zine I did with my mother for the 24-hour Zine Thing. Zines have been a way for me to communicate with her some difficult things about myself, and I wanted her to share this medium of expression with her. I was delighted when she accepted! This is a lighthearted zine filled with stories about the library, transient pets, a recipe, favorite numbers, quotes, and blackout poetry.

Here is a link to my latest issue of Soup Zine, my July issue in celebration of Zine Month.


It is a 76 pager that is about (in part) my recent obsession with cut paper style portraits.

Feel free to print it out for free. It is in Read version, so if you want to print it, you'll need to do some cut and pasting.



Erebus the Cat is a comicbook about one of my partner's cats. It's pretty weird, cute, trippy, and rambly. Mostly it was drawn and written when I was very tired.
For more in-depth description and for order info, go to: http://ohremember.bigcartel.com/product/erebus-the-cat
or http://www.etsy.com/shop/ohremember
You can also send me a message through either site if you have any questions. 

Here it is my latest version of Soupzine. Finally finished/figured out the page layout for my print version of my zine. Man, that was a lot of work.


(print Version)

Remember to go into properties and select (2-sided print, flop on short edge) or your prints may be wrong side up (or down). At least that is how it work on my printer.


(read online version)

Feel free to print a few copies for yourself, to handout and/or donation to a zine library.
Please don’t not reprint sections into your own zine or sell the zine without asking me first OK.

It is 19 pages (76 zine pages), so you might need to rubber band it. I have not tried stapling it yet.

Tell me what you think.


Brian Steinberg

Here In My Head. #12: £1.00 UK, $2.00 international (free shipping)

2013-07-22 22.31.54

The 12th issue of my feminist perzine features writings on self-improvement and new year’s resolutions, plans for the future, misogyny in rock and metal music, identity, and developing a sense of self.  40 pages, with a colour cover.

Buy a copy on my website, or get in touch for trades! (selected trades only, preferably UK) 

The hilarious August edition of The Last Word is now pub-a-roo, and it's available for a price tag of only 99 cents. (Cheap!)

This humor-filled ish deals with the following topics...

• More uproarious old toys and the flatulence that goes along with them.

• The microapartment price-gouging scam.

• When things stink.

• A former school principal's right-wing Facebook meltdown.

• Some roll-on-the-floor funny YouTube videos I've found.

• The last 2 years of road trips and the path of hilarity that has ensued in their wake.

I also explain how AdSense has forced me to sell my work instead of giving it away for free like I used to be able to do.

Read The Last Word now before it reads you...


And remember, The Last Word supports the Occupy movement.

W00t!  Got my first zine printed, assembled and ready to go!

“The Gopher Protocol” is a zine that celebrates feminine beauty in a retro pinup context and seeks to be body, woman, and sex positive. This is a half page zine of both vintage and modern pinups, urbex, articles about shooting pinups and contains film and digital photography. Saddle stapled, standard copy shop printing, card stock cover, regular paper inside. All photography is either shot by me or is from negatives in my collection. 20 pages not including cover.

$4 incl shipping



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