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I know we're all going to do it, so I guess we could keep it neat and tidy by putting it all in one thread. So here goes, JUST post about your new issue in this thread, don't discuss or reply, that way new members can easily see what output we're all responsible for!

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I have two new zines available for purchase or trade. Leave me a message if you would like to set something up!

Pieces #8: On Twelve Years of Running
Perzine 1/4 size : 64 pages
Snapshots of the last twelve years in which I avoid therapy and medication for fear of stigma, start intermittent therapy, and finally--twelve years later--begin continual therapy and start medication . This zine is a narrative of the constant battle of wanting help but working hard to appear as normal.

A Visitor in Myself #1
Perzine 1/4 size : 30 pages
A stream of consciousness zine that is reflective of my BPD traits and the gratitude I have for those who have stuck with me over the years.

I'd love to do a trade.  You can email me at flamdoodlezine@gmail.com and I will get one in the mail to you promptly.

Yuri Realman said:

First issue of Conspiratorial is now out. A Washington, DC-based serialized mystery + found object art project. Happy to trade with anyone. Or you can download the PDF (which is not as much fun), here: http://goo.gl/9sJOA



Pandora Press #5: The Media Issue, is out now! Contact me to buy or trade a copy.

a new issue of deafula is out,  issue #5:

have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a hearing parent and receive the news that your child has irreversible hearing loss?

now imagine this news in the time before the ADA existed, before there was a such thing as an IEP, before institutional or medical guidance really existed. imagine the only advice the doctor gave you was “well, just try to teach her how to speak.” 

this is an interview on what it’s like to be a hearing parent raising a deaf child. this is an interview with my mother.

you can buy it on etsy.. you could also just paypal me $3 (postage paid) to thecityonfire (at) gmail.com. i also love trades, so email me if you want to set one up! 

Issue #7 available FREE DOWNLOAD for Kindle, iPad, straight PDF, what have you. Hard copies also available through MagCloud at Thrice Fiction

Which means...


Thrice Fiction is 100% submission-based. Everybody gets read, all styles are considered.

See for yourself...

I have some copies of Vapour Trails #1. It’s $2 if you’re in Montreal, $3 if you’re not. Definitely down for trades. You can message me here or e-mail vapour.trails.zine@gmail.com and we can figure out the stuff. 
Here’s the intro:

“Issue #1 of Vapour Trails was written between the years 2009 & 2011, during the dying & death of an eight year long romantic relationship. Considering the backdrop for a lot of this writing, themes that crop up tend to revolve around loneliness, loss, nostalgia, awakening, and various introspections."

Includes some poetry and poetic-type rants, lots of drawings, lots of emotions. 


New issue of Grunted Warning! A5, 12 pages, colour + B&W.

Mormo Zine said this issue is "...a very nice looking zine with very sick, sad newspaper clippings from the world. Really crazy stuff you won't believe actually happened!"

Trades okay. Or two 60c stamps in Australia, or one buck US rest of the world, or nice letter or postcard. Or if you want a postcard, senda me a postcard!

Stratu, PO Box 35, Marrickville NSW 2204, AUSTRALIA

Dreams of Donuts #17 is done, and available to YOU for $2 or trade.  In this issue I cover a week long trip to Oakland after an 8 month absence due to a break up, the drive-in movies, Christmas time with friends, and an interview with my buddy Jimbo who walked from Reno to Seattle as a way to combat his depression.  You can order it at:

Heather Wreckage

3913 Boyle Ct.

Sacramento Ca 95817




I've got a bunch of these ready to trade or send me five bucks. Click here for a page-thru. Comics, stories, collage, etc.  36 pages plus a full-color cover!  I still have a few issues of Fuctaculon #1 also ($3 or trade).  Stickers included with each purchase or trade.  YOU CAN'T LOSE!

Mail your trades or check to:


Email zine@fuctaculon.com for more info.  Be the first on your block to own the next-level Fuctaculon!


MONGREL ZINE #11 (April 2013, 104 pages, 7″ x 8.5″)

It's another flipzine featuring a retrospective of '60s Vancouver band UNITED EMPIRE LOYALISTS, plus interviews with Vancouver's CHAINS OF LOVE, Chicago's WHITE MYSTERY, CINDY LEE (who are on our first record release!), freaky artist WILFORD BARRINGTON, Sean Aaberg of weirdo magazine PORK, the guys behind LA-TI-DA RECORDS, experimental noise artist ALEXANDRA GUTNIK, Aaron Levin of the website WEIRD CANADA, comics by NIC GREASY & BEN JENSEN, 30+ pages of music, lit, and dvd reviews, and more! Includes download code for RED MASS / CINDY LEE Split 7″ on MONGREL ZINE RECORDS (MZR01)

Buy it at www.mongrelzine.ca/blog/eshop

Email me at mongrelzine@gmail.com for distro -- Janelle Hollyrock


Just in time for Brooklyn Zinefest, it's the new East Village Inky (now in minicomic format!)

more info: http://ayunhalliday.com/the-east-village-inky/

available on etsy, and uh, anywhere fine zines are sold: https://www.etsy.com/listing/129877853/east-village-inky-issue-no-52

Our second, Spring, issue of Lifewild Quarterly is now available online for FREE at


(Print copies will be available at the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market in May)


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